LOST: my mingming

I couldn't get over with the fact that we fought. 2nd day of 2009, an argument has been brought up already. I admit, I miss him really. It's been 5 days to be exact of not being able to see him and be with him. I left broken promises to him and I promised to myself to patch things later. But later is now and still, not a single way ever happened. He is still mad at me, I tried to miss call his phone, it only rang but no text followed. I am soooo damn worried. It's really late and I can't sleep thinking how he is, where he is and he is with whom.. A lot of things pop into my silly mind. I tried diverting my attention by looking at his page, yeah, I caught myself looking at his own page, and I remembered our times of the sweetness, the times when the love was so fresh, the I LOVE YOU's was sooo sweet and the never ending long comments that somehow occupied our friendster page. Looking back, the love was soooo undeniably fresh, sweet and somehow "kilig".

Now, I came to ask myself, is it still the same? Is the feeling still the same comparing to our first time of being together? I soooo miss the life when all his world revolves around me, and all his plans includes me, all his daily life is that I'm part of it. But now, it just came to a point where he could no longer stand my lates, my promises and basically, the whole "me". I don't know, maybe he loves the positive attitude of myself but the worst in me, he couldn't accept. Is this still love? I don't know. I had previous relationship but still I have no idea when it comes to love issue, I still feel like I'm a newbie in this so called "L-O-V-E" thing.

For now, I can still divert my mind of not to think of him but later, as I head myself to sleep, all I could ever think of is him. I'm so damn worried. Does he feel the same way too? I miss him badly. Does he misses me too? T_T... too bad, he's always on my mind.. And its driving me insane.. T_T

Silly me.. T_T


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