Back to normal way of life

I thought my first week would totally be a disaster but then I'm wrong. Well, we were able to settle our little argument, patch things up and now, everything's back to normal. We date, hang out in their house, spend time with each other, exchanging of sweet-nothings and a lot of things a couple usually do, (not to forget hugs and kisses). :) Anyways, so much for all the love issue, were able to get over it.

Well, 2009 still unemployed status. You see, it's not because I was not accepted by a job offer, well, not to boast but there were numerous offers but I accidentally turned them all down. Usually I applied as an ESL Teacher due to my previous experience and somehow its my edge upon applying, and luckily I was being scheduled for an exam and interview, and sad to say, lazy as I was in 2008, I all turned them down. Unprofessional as I was, I wasn't able to show up during my scheduled exam and interview. But I did inform them the lame excuses that I made just to find a way out. So sorry.. And so, here I am stuck in front of the computer, doing nothing but checking mails and improving more of my blogs and other sites. Well, its consuming more of my time. Such a waste of time, isn't it? Yeah right, such a dork!

So much for all the blah blah talk.. Well, wish me luck for tomorrow. Hopefully I would be accepted in the part time ESL online teacher that I applied. Dunno what to do.. :) Heheheh... Hope I made an impressive mark to them.. :)

So, I guess, till here.. Just updating more of my adventurous and cozy life! LOLZ!!! :))

Lovelots.. XOXO...

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