Everyday, we can never be too sure of what life is ahead of us. What happens now may never be the same of what will happen tomorrow. It is so uncertain. Life is full of ups and downs. Change is constant and that's for sure. I may be in a good mood tomorrow and the next thing would totally be a disaster. Worst comes to worst and everything happens for a reason. Life itself is unpredictable. In a matter of seconds, in a blink of an eye, a lot of things happened already. We just cannot tell what will happen to us in the future, but we can always decide what we wanted to be in the future. Life is a matter of a rollercoaster ride, mixed emotions and all, but ei, no matter how crazy life is, enjoy every ride! Live as if everyday is the last. Savor the moments while you are still alive. Live life without regrets and enjoy!! have fun!!! as for me, I'm having fun with my life too (no matter how rocky it was)! Wink... wink.. to all of you..

XOXO... HUGS AND kisses!!!


Keith said...

Itahl, It has been a year, almost since I first found yer blog. I have not seen Jollibee, the Cebu Ferry, or Redemptorist church in ages.

Are you done wityh scool, yet?

Come to my blog, and say hello. God bless you.

Keith said...

It is tjhe uncertainty that keeps it exciting.


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