Mingming and Boink Boink's 30th Monthsary


Dear mingming,

I know we've been through good times and bad times, we've been through thick and thin but somehow, thank GOD, we're still going strong. Looking back, our first year together, we really had a tough time, not to mention, we argue everyday, our ideas and opinions clashed from time to time, and time was a hindrance to us. But no matter how tough our first year was, we were able to survive and now, 2 years and 6 months our relationship is still in a roller coaster ride but at least, unlike before, we now seldom argue and my 16 hours of my life is spent with you, time is no longer an issue.

Can't wait to be with you. See you later.. Take care.
I Love You so much my mingming .. :)
Always & Forever

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