Out of nothing at all

I just don't know why I feel like blogging.. The main purpose as to why I'm here is that I have to search for our place to stay in Singapore and while searching down the list of the hotels and hostels when all of a sudden it says "Webpage cannot be displayed. Check your connection." <--- just added that one, what a fudge, I have to hurry myself in looking for a hotel to stay 'coz August is getting near and still I haven't made any hotel bookings. Though I admit I have all the internet access at work but the only thing here is that hello, I have inbound and outbound calls that I have to attend to and I have to monitor calls in my board. I didn't go to work just to take advantage of the free internet access but it's because I am paid to do my job as an agent. That is why my time is precious that every second of it counts. I have to do what I've been tasked to do.

Moving on, this blog is not just about expressing my thoughts just because this stupid connection here in this mall (not to drop name) is so freaking me out. It's as much as I want to have our owN line of internet connection but right now, I've set my priorities already, maybe sooner or later but not now, I have to save some money for my Singapore trip.

Anyways, moving forward, guess the connection is no longer that worst than I expected. Maybe just maybe.. Let's just wait and see.. :)


Abi-Anne said...

I hate it when the connection is super duper slow


itahl said...

yes abi you're right. When the connection is super duper really slow its kinda frustrating.. :)


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