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I was about to start my food blog and my travel blog. But then I realized, I've had more than 6 blogs to keep track which is more likely confusing. So I decided, to just use one or two blogs so that I can really manage and keep up to date my blogs all the time. Well, it's as much as I want to start food blogging but due to limited internet connection might as well start anytime soon but haven't decided when. Guess, I have to squeeze more of my time in managing my blogs.

But rest assured 'coz by the time I'll be posting blogs about the latest food that I have eaten or the latest sweets that I've been craving, by that time, I'll be posting pics as well as an evidence. But for now, I still can't post pics because my schedule is so hectic and lately I'm not feeling well.

And right now, at this very moment I'm craving for fishball, and for those who doesn't know what a fishball is here's a sample pic below that looks exactly the same with the ones in the street. Yum yum.. Can't wait to eat later. :)

A. Fishball


libys11 said...

omg!!!!! FISHBALL!! with that hot sauce!! i love that.. i miss eating that so much back there!! aaah!! :D

Animated Confessions

itahl said...

yep libys11.. Where are you right now? Are you from the Philippines too? Yeah, street foods are delicious. :)


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