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I'm trying to welcome myself back to blogging. It's been quite a while and I admit, I haven't updated my blogs lately. As far as I could remember the last update that I posted here is about starting a food and travel blog and after that no further updates. Anyways, libys (sorry if I spelled it wrong) commented in one of my post mentioning about fish ball, well, I was amaze that she left a comment and at the same time I replied to her, and I even checked her blog too and found out she has this giveaways as to whoever will follow her but then sad to say I didn't make it. Someone won the freebies already but she mentioned that she has a friend of hers too that is also having the same promo or should I say giving out some freebies as to whoever will follow them and will blog about them. It's more like promoting their blog which is quite amazing 'coz I myself can't actually dare doing that.

And so, I followed her and here I am, ending up blogging about her site, I wanted to blog about her not because I wanted to win the giveaways but because I love to help her by promoting her blog as well. Which is a win win situation though I'm not sure if I'll win the stuff but at least I was able to help promote her blog which is through blogging as well.

And so to Maggeygrace, to the owner of here's a welcome post to your site and as for me, for following and for blogging your site as well. Hope I was able to help you promote your blog. And because you are the recent female blogger that I followed, I made a customize edited picture of your blog showing me as your number 1 follower. :)

Have fun and enjoy life!! :) Take care.. Kudos to your blog and to your avid followers as well.

Wish me luck, hope the random number generator will pick me as one of the winners. :)

PS: For those who wants to win these giveaways too, here's the link so that you guys can also win at the same time, help promoting her site. :)

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