Out of nothing at all

I just don't know why I feel like blogging.. The main purpose as to why I'm here is that I have to search for our place to stay in Singapore and while searching down the list of the hotels and hostels when all of a sudden it says "Webpage cannot be displayed. Check your connection." <--- just added that one, what a fudge, I have to hurry myself in looking for a hotel to stay 'coz August is getting near and still I haven't made any hotel bookings. Though I admit I have all the internet access at work but the only thing here is that hello, I have inbound and outbound calls that I have to attend to and I have to monitor calls in my board. I didn't go to work just to take advantage of the free internet access but it's because I am paid to do my job as an agent. That is why my time is precious that every second of it counts. I have to do what I've been tasked to do.

Moving on, this blog is not just about expressing my thoughts just because this stupid connection here in this mall (not to drop name) is so freaking me out. It's as much as I want to have our owN line of internet connection but right now, I've set my priorities already, maybe sooner or later but not now, I have to save some money for my Singapore trip.

Anyways, moving forward, guess the connection is no longer that worst than I expected. Maybe just maybe.. Let's just wait and see.. :)

Winning and helping a fellow blogger.. Blogging about Life-size-paperdoll

I'm trying to welcome myself back to blogging. It's been quite a while and I admit, I haven't updated my blogs lately. As far as I could remember the last update that I posted here is about starting a food and travel blog and after that no further updates. Anyways, libys (sorry if I spelled it wrong) commented in one of my post mentioning about fish ball, well, I was amaze that she left a comment and at the same time I replied to her, and I even checked her blog too and found out she has this giveaways as to whoever will follow her but then sad to say I didn't make it. Someone won the freebies already but she mentioned that she has a friend of hers too that is also having the same promo or should I say giving out some freebies as to whoever will follow them and will blog about them. It's more like promoting their blog which is quite amazing 'coz I myself can't actually dare doing that.

And so, I followed her and here I am, ending up blogging about her site, I wanted to blog about her not because I wanted to win the giveaways but because I love to help her by promoting her blog as well. Which is a win win situation though I'm not sure if I'll win the stuff but at least I was able to help promote her blog which is through blogging as well.

And so to Maggeygrace, to the owner of life-size-paperdoll.blogspot.com here's a welcome post to your site and as for me, for following and for blogging your site as well. Hope I was able to help you promote your blog. And because you are the recent female blogger that I followed, I made a customize edited picture of your blog showing me as your number 1 follower. :)

Have fun and enjoy life!! :) Take care.. Kudos to your blog and to your avid followers as well.

Wish me luck, hope the random number generator will pick me as one of the winners. :)

PS: For those who wants to win these giveaways too, here's the link so that you guys can also win at the same time, help promoting her site. :)

Food and travel blog

I was about to start my food blog and my travel blog. But then I realized, I've had more than 6 blogs to keep track which is more likely confusing. So I decided, to just use one or two blogs so that I can really manage and keep up to date my blogs all the time. Well, it's as much as I want to start food blogging but due to limited internet connection might as well start anytime soon but haven't decided when. Guess, I have to squeeze more of my time in managing my blogs.

But rest assured 'coz by the time I'll be posting blogs about the latest food that I have eaten or the latest sweets that I've been craving, by that time, I'll be posting pics as well as an evidence. But for now, I still can't post pics because my schedule is so hectic and lately I'm not feeling well.

And right now, at this very moment I'm craving for fishball, and for those who doesn't know what a fishball is here's a sample pic below that looks exactly the same with the ones in the street. Yum yum.. Can't wait to eat later. :)

A. Fishball


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