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On a lazy Sunday evening, you'll catch me either playing online games, playing Facebook apps, reading blogs or simply checking some mails. Upon checking my mails earlier, I ran across this upcoming Black Eyed Peas concert. I know busy bee as I am with the training, I tried and pushing my luck to join Boy Kuripot's silver ticket giveaway. And when I checked his site, I saw this Blogapalooza badge and it came to my curiosity what was it all about. And so I read the FAQ's and hurriedly signed up to join. For all those whose into Blogosphere and wants update or invites regarding a new invite why not join. And take note, they don't just accept invites, they do  check and review the blogger who actually joined. For more details, you guys can check their site, Blogapalooza 

Here are some few details what Blogapalooza is all about:

Blogapalooza is a community. It's a link between big and small businesses who have something cool to share and the online community of people who love to share.

We set up "Blogapalooza" events where we invite the influential bloggers, tweeters, Facebook and get them all into one room to see, hear, smell, feel, talk about and EXPERIENCE your product/brand. 

Anyone has the chance to attend but both bloggers and businesses need to apply to possibly get an invitation. For the bloggers and online influencers, they will get each lots of promotional items and free stuff from the presenters. It's absolutely for FREE!

So what are you waiting for Bloggers of all mankind, go and visit their site, click the Join us now button. Who knows you might be invited by choice. Not only you get to have freebies, you will also be updated with the latest trend and current events plus you get the chance to meet and greet and interact with the network businesses. 

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