What style of flats should you wear?

Today is a gloomy and a lazy Monday. I was about to go to work but then an unexpected lower bowel movement came out of hand. I couldn't drink any meds since I was advised by my doctor not to. And so water therapy as it is. Anyways, I won't bore you that much. Despite the cozy weather, I decided to stay at home. Checked my mails - Done. And I spent all day staring at my laptop and played games. Wasted too much time and energy. Since I'm way too bored to play all the games that I could ever think of, that's when I decided to check out fashion and social sites. I checked StyleBible and Cosmo.ph and then one site led to another. I came across FemaleNetwork and answered their trivia which is titled as "What style of flats should you wear?". I'm so into flats before but then when I got promoted, heels is a must and part of my role. And so, I've been hooked up to heels lately. Anyways, I took the test and guess what the result is:

I don't think I'm more of a Brogue. Maybe that was way back but not now. I missed wearing heels though. If not for my condition, then I would have frequently worn my heels and pumps and peep toes. I may not own a single Brogue yet but I prefer Oxfords instead and I'm still on a fashion hunting for the best pair of Oxfords that I could find. But hey, Brogues are fine, they are comfy as well, they are more like Oxfords though.

How about you girls? What type of flats do you prefer to wear? Care to share? 


Krisbliss said...

Those are cute shoes! I'd be curious to know what kind of flat wearer I am too lol!

I hope all is well!



samecookiesdifferent said...

the cookies prefer the lace-up shoes :) really in love with them <3

X the cookies

Mars said...

I like ballet flats. I like dainty ballet flats. Even though I worship heels I still wear flats occasionally. But since like you I am a working girl, too, I am always in heels. :)
Mars of fashion insouciance

Gizelle Faye | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

i am actually a big fan of ballet flats...regardless if people tell me they'e out of style...i have tons of pairs! hihi.

♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

Yara Simón said...

I only wear sneakers when I work out, and I don't like wearing sandals very much. I'd definitely be a brogue or a ballet flat.

roviedear said...

wow! its so hard to choose what kind of flats to wear but great choice! <3 still so stylish!

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dunia kecil indi said...

cute. i love flats too :))

Alyssa Yu said...

Hi Krystal! This is one exciting trivia! I like both oxfords and brogues but I don't have any. I like your header, by the way. :)



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