Haitus is now over

 Sorry for the long hiatus. I gave birth last October 28 and quite too busy becoming a full time mom for a short span of time making the most out of my maternity leave. Went home to Cebu to spend my Christmas here with my family and for my dad and brother to see my baby. I'll be going back to Manila on the 30th of December since I have to report back to work on that day. I was looking from my mom's documents and saw a picture of me during our Cavite trip. This was an OTD shot and somehow this is a backlog posts. It's as much as I want to update my blog everyday, sad to say, I left my camera in Manila and right now I'm still saving to buy a new one since my camera gave up on me already, it's still functional though but some of the parts were already gone. So to make up for the long break that I have, here's an outfit shot for the meantime to just update my blog for now.


Wonder Woman said...

Nice look. Have a fun time in Cebu. I might be going there in January. Hopefully, you'll get to blog about it. :) And oh, welcome to motherhood! :D


Eunica said...

i love your mulberry satchel! been wanting to have one but it's just too pricey i can't afford to buy it..

Krystal Pearl said...

Thanks Wonder Woman! =) Will blog about it soon. Enjoy your stay in Cebu. =)

@Eunica - You can. Not all satchels are pricey but that depends on the quality of the satchel though. Bought that Satchel for Php650. =)


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