Christmas wish list

Christmas is just around the corner and I'm counting the days not because I'm excited for Christmas but because days after Christmas, I'll be going back to Manila and it's the end of my 60 days maternity leave. It means back to work and back to reality. Aside from the fact that it's the birth of our LORD JESUS CHRIST, it also excites me because I get to spend holidays with my family, unlike last year, I wasn't able to go home because of work. And now that I'm at my hometown, I'll make the most out of it.

Anyway, I was thinking of my Christmas wish list for myself. It's not that I want to buy them before the year ends but I'm also hoping someone would grant my Christmas list! (Dear Santa, I've been a good girl lately) LOL..

So here's my Christmas wish list: (any of those will do)

1. Nude pumps - I had few heels but I want to own a pair of nude pumps. Any of those will do, platforms or peep toe's would be fine.

2. Cambridge Satchels - Lately, I'm a sucker for satchels. Not only because they are colorful but because I find them very comfortable. The design itself is very neat and I could pair it with anything. Stylish and fun!

3. White Oxfords - Oxfords are epic. I love how classy it is and I always love the color white. I can easily pair it with any classy yet stylish outfits. Looking for a perfect pair and a perfect design.

4. A brand new cellular phone. Iphone4s, White Iphone 4, latest Blackberry (Curve or Bold) or Samsung Galaxy S2)

5. Ipad - I'm not really that techie but I find Ipad very convenient.

6. Digital Camera - I wanted to buy a new one because my camera almost gave up on me. It's still functional though 'coz it can still take pictures but somehow it will surely test my patience.

7. Rayban's Aviator - I once own an authentic yet classic Rayban aviator which I got it from my dad, but sad to say my brother lost it. Boo! So I would love to have this one again. It looks good on me. (#confident)

8. Shoes (Classic Vans or Low cut Converse black) - I admit, I am not a skater girl but I am eager to learn how to use skateboard. I own a hot pink low cut Converse shoes but my sister wants it so I gave it to her already.
 I accept Christmas gifts! I would love to have all of them but *sigh* it takes a lot of effort to own all of these. Just one step at a time. Dear Santa, may you touch the heart of the ones who would love to give this to me as their Christmas gift. =) May you blessed them! And thank you so much!! =) LOL


Noelle Chantal said...

Great wish list! I'm still in the process of finding thatperfect nude pumps. :)

Krystal Pearl said...

Thanks Noelle! =)

Eden said...

dear krystal, thank you so much for dropping by and for your message. i do hope you get your items, well, at least some or most of them! i'm interested in the Ipad myself--its just revolutionary:)



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