B for Bohemian

MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone! Christmas is the perfect time of the year. We get to receive and open gifts, lots of food and of course attend Christmas gatherings. This Christmas is quite different compared to the past Christmas'es that I've experienced because this time, it's my baby's first Christmas and good thing, I am still on leave that's why I got the chance to be with my family. Here's what I wore on Christmas day! Decided to wear something red but to no luck, I don't have any red clothes, so I tried wearing a dress whose color is near to red! 

Somewhat Bohemian on Christmas day! Good vibes! 

How was your Christmas? I'd be glad to hear your stories to share! =) Enjoy! Feliz Navidad


Jamie Kate said...

Short hair looks good on you :)

Jamie Kate

biang said...

You look really great in that outfit :D I love bohemian too :D

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*followed you already. :D

Liezyl Gomez said...

im in love with the red dress! nice hair too!

Krystal Pearl said...

@jamie kate - thanks much! visited your blog as well! take care

@biang - Joined your giveaway! Hoping to win. Followed you in return. take care

@liezyl gomez - thank you for visiting my blog and for leaving a comment. take care! visited your blog in return! =)

Jenine S. said...

I love your dress! :)

Please join my quick giveaway here =)

jas said...

great dress!



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