Ashes and Wine

Today I admit I was very disappointed for certain reasons. I was completely mad but good thing prayer works a lot. I just prayed to GOD to help me control my anger and me being temperamental. This morning,  I went to church with my family. It's been my first time to go there because usually I go to Living Word church most of the time but then I decided to go with them for a change. My mom told me to avoid being overdressed for the reason that people there are way simpler than I could ever imagine. While ransacking my closet this morning, I thought of wearing a dress. A basic blue dress with no details. A dress that I wore a year and 9 months ago when I was still in my pregnancy days and boy, I still think I haven't really moved on from my post pregnancy weight because it still looks good on me and such a perfect fit. Anyways, a simple dress won't be considered being to overdressed right? And just a simple sandals to boost my outfit. Going back, to my mood, good thing, I was able to control my emotions and lost my anger easily because if not, good luck!

I just wanted to share my outfit few days ago. Nothing much really happened today except that we will be having visitors later on to celebrate my parents 29th wedding anniversary. Congrats mom and dad! Love you both!

PS: My apologies, I wasn't able to take photos and never had the chance to take at least one because I was super busy assisting my mom and nursing my kid. 


daggistr said...

Congrats to Your Mom and Dad ! You look beautiful in this dress Dear <3 ...would You like to follow each other ? plkease just check my blog and let me know :)

daggistr said...

Thank You so much and of course followed back here and on bloglovin' :)

have a niece Sunday Dear ! :)

embui_fashion said...

Hey, Im your new follower, check out me blog and follow if you like, you can like my FB page as well :)

Arien said...

Hi dear!
Nice outfit, the clutch is the perfect touch
wanna follow each other? :)

Princess Xinni said...

Hey you´ve a great blog!
Please visit me :)
If you want we can follow each other here, on bloglovin and
via GFC
Let me know


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