Who, What, When, Where and Why (my own version)

I'm not sure if you guys are familiar with this Youtube clip, "Who, What, When, Where and Why". I find this clip very interesting and inspiring and somehow gave me an idea to make mine, since they are perfect or almost the same like my experience.

Just to give you an idea of the video, they are couples and the girl was asking the guy "How many women have you loved before me?" 

Then the guy answer 5. The girl asked their names and he said, "He loved Who, What, When, Where, and Why." Feel free to watch the video and here's my list as well. (I don't own the video, credits to the owner)

PS: Also there's another version of this which is the female version but it's a comedy.

So here's my version: There are five guys that I love before him (which is my current boyfriend)

First is Who.

         Who was my high school classmate. We were close friends and I think we both liked each other. We always talk everyday over the phone for long hours and he even dedicated a song for me titled Cupid by 112. I knew it was puppy love but one thing stopped me, he was my best bud's ex-boyfriend. I respect my friend and so it ends there.


          What was a senior friend during my junior years. I met him during one of our cotillion practice. We dated and chatted somehow. We are too opposite and we have different religion. I guess we we're not really meant to be.


            When was my true love. He was my suitor back then during my senior years. He's into skateboarding. He was so sweet, caring and he even made a poem just for me. He makes sure I am safe on my way home. He never fails to make me feel that I am important and I am being loved. I put him on a test to see how long he can wait, but I guess he was never really a patient type of  guy. That's when he gave up.


             Where was my second boyfriend. He was my schoolmate. He was a silent type of guy, a serious one. It was a forbidden relationship because my parents didn't approved of him and they don't want me to have a boyfriend yet. It was forbidden but it was exciting. We had stolen hugs and kisses, exchange of sweet words, endearment and messages, we lasted for about 2 years. Despite the seriousness, he was sweet and caring. We kept the flame alive but then it came to a point that he liked someone else. And so I had to let him go. 


              Why was my college classmate in Nursing. I guess the saying that goes, the more you hate, the more you love. He was my enemy, I dislike him but eventually, I fell for him. He was the bad boy type of guy, everyone hated him but I was an exception. He was way too friendly to any other girls he met. Despite being the bad guy, he has a kind heart, he still have this soft spot. He cheated on me, and he said he wanted space. Moving on was hard because the girl she had fallen in love with was another classmate of mine. It was hard seeing them two but I got used to with the pain and eventually it did subside. It was years of sacrifice and years of crazy and stupid love. I was stupid and he was lucky. 

These are all the 5 men I loved before him. He was my 6th but I'm not sure if he is my last. Our relationship was tested with time but its not bed of roses after all. We face lots of challenges in our relationship to a point where we almost broke up. He was impatient, selfish and self-centered. He cheated on me several times but if not because of him, I wouldn't have Lucas in my life. He gave me Lucas and Lucas was the best thing that ever happened to me. 

I don't know where our relationship will lead to but let's just wait and see how it goes. As for me, I'm happy with Lucas and still surviving with this so called Life. 

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