Just one summer

Honestly, the summer heat is unbearable. It is scorching hot lately and because of that I rarely go out because I sweat easily. After holy week, everyone I knew of went to the beach and went to a vacation. My summer was spent ordinarily. I just had to watch our store, been stuck in the computer forever, went to Talisay to visit my in-laws from time to time and a perfect Halo-Halo to beat the heat. I haven't gone in the beach lately after my Samar trip. Right now, I am looking forward to go somewhere, I just don't know where. Any suggestions?

On the other hand, sitting for almost 24 hours a day facing a computer is not that bad after all. I submitted my resume lately because I believe I need to find a real job. Hopefully, I'll land a job soon.

And before I end this blog post. Just want to share my recent Summer playlist.

1. Lady Antebellum - Need you now
2. A Fine Frenzy - Almost lover
3. Frank Ocean - Thinking about you
4. Diamond - Rihanna
5. A Fine Frenzy - Ashes and Wine
6.  Maroon - 5 Misery 
7. Ozeal - Jazzy
8. Oscar Isaac - Never had
9. Maroon 5 - Won't go home without you
10. Far East Movement - Rocketeer

Ending this blog post with a summer outfit. 

Have a blast summer!


Sabrina said...

Oh I´d love a bit of sun..we still have some snow here :(
I like "Misery" by Maroon 5 ;)

Krystal Pearl Braga said...

That's so sad. But hopefully the snow will be gone soon.

Thanks a lot Sabrina! =)

Anonymous said...

Nice look!!!


Immaaurora said...

oh, that post more beautiful, Follow each other?



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