An emotional Friday

Lately, I've been experiencing writer's block. It seems that I lost my appetite to blogging. Things are different compared to the first time I started this whole blogging thing. I mean, I slightly lost my interest and aside from the fact that I'm getting busier day by day. They said if you love something and if you are passionate about something, you'll always find time but in my case, I have lots of priorities than blogging itself and this isn't about the want vs the need. Anyways, for the past few weeks I admit I never had any decent OOTD shots and been struggling on how to have awesome pictures just like any other fashion bloggers. I am totally not familiar with Adobe or Photoshop so I used online editing tools for my pictures, just few brightness and I even use the auto fix so as to save time in editing but I just can't seem to get the whole idea on how they edut their photos. That's up to me to make a research about it. 

Being a fashion blogger is hard and challenging. You know why? Of course, you have to keep up with other fashion bloggers worldwide. You need to be on their level or at least close to it. You need to have an updated blog posts almost relating to fashion or if not, an outfit of your own style whether taken by your amateur friend, a built in camera in your phone or a compact camera or otherwise a well edited picture perhaps would complete a fashion blogger's to do list. I admit, it's totally hard to keep up with other bloggers, I am not competing with them either because I have my own style but somehow you can help but compare and tend to ask yourself, how did they come so far in blogging? How did they achieve such as this and that. I tell you, it's pretty hard my dear. 

If your blog talks mostly about fashion, better be prepared because you need to reach a certain level or standard in fashion and rules to follow. You have to climb more than 2000 steps in order for your blog to succeed unless if you have friends in media which can help your blog succeed but ordinary people like me, hard work and dedication are the most essential qualities that we must possess. If those two doesn't exist, our blogs will remain unrecognized and will forever remain as wallflower. 

At one point or another, sometimes we all need to be acknowledge or be known at least to few people. The world wide web is crazy and very competitive. I know, I've been there and still experiencing the toughness of it. Oh well, let me remind myself the real reason why I started this blog because this is where I can pour out all my emotions regardless if I have followers or not. I blog because I get to write in details and express what I truly feel, I blog because I love to not because I have to. I blog because I just want to share what I'm feeling not because I owe everyone a decent post or just for the sake of money. I'm not like that. I never had sponsors nor I don't ask online sellers to send me free stuff so that I can make review about their products for the sake of having free items. That's not me. Sometimes I blog a certain product or shop because I am amaze of the service and the item that I got from them. People these days call themselves a blogger and then later ask sellers to send them free stuff which should not be the case. 

Being a blogger have lots of perks, to name a few, you get to be invited by some PR and advertising agencies for major and minor events, give you some freebies or GC's, if your blog is known for endorsing products, making product reviews or collaborations then people will send you free stuff, that is up to the seller. And those are the perks of course, perks that shouldn't be abused.

I give my respect to each and every blogger out there. I know how hard it is to start a blog and keeping it. And I salute to those successful blogs. I know success doesn't happen overnight, again, with hard work, dedication and passion, one will surely climb the ladder of success. As for me, I am happy with where I am right now. I am still learning and I still feel the need to learn more. Besides, everyday is a learning day and trials in life are lessons that will somehow remind me that someday, you too will create a name and a signature of your own style, of your own story.

What's your story then? 

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