First timer

The moment we knew that Tatay Carling died, I then told my partner that we should go home. I haven't talk to him that much but I wanted to pay respect to their family and loved ones. And so, days after we heard the news, we hurriedly went to Samar for his wake. Abandoned my work (with my boss permission of course) that I'll be away for a week. I could somehow bring my work with me while I'm there but sad to say, they told me that network coverage there is unpredictable, let's say you are standing outside the house but still you only have 1 bar of signal that seems to be turning on and off, on and off and again and again. That is why I told my boss earlier that I just don't want to make certain promises that I can continue work because of the poor reception or signal of both Globe and Sun.

And so, we left Cebu last Tuesday, March 12 around 4AM via Supercat going to Ormoc. The boat ride is about 3-4 hours. I'm not really that prepared to go because I am worried with my work leaving me last minute rush in finishing my task. And when we were boarded I even had to take care of my baby, looking after him, chasing him and all sorts of motherly stuff. By the time we arrived at the seaport, we then hired a van or a SUV rather so as to make our trip a bit comfortable headed to Tacloban for 2-4 hours drive. It was a long drive all the way from Ormoc to Tacloban. Fell asleep in an uncomfortable position and as I woke up, resulting to stiff neck.

After 4 hours, we arrived in Tacloban. Went directly to Duptours trying to catch up on their 12noon trip. Luckily we were able to make it and then waited for an hour for the van. After 1 hour and 30 minutes, the van arrived and again, another long journey begins, the travel time from Tacloban to Umawas is around 3-4 hours with 1 short stop-over. Luckily, the van is not that full so we were sitting one seat apart. Finally, I was able to have a good nap for few hours and around 4PM, we arrived in Umawas.

They cried when they saw the coffin that welcome them in the front door. There was a moment of silence, I stood there and was being silent the whole time. And so, we spent our days talking, playing with the kids, going to the beach which pretty explains the pictures that you will be seeing. Sunday came when its time for the burial. The house is filled with crying ladies and kids and families making their last wishes before the coffin will be finally close. That moment when you will see the person you love at the very last minute. It hurts and I admit, tears were welling up my eyes, then I cried. I wasn't really bawling but I cried because I realized how valuable our life is, I realized we only have a short time left to spend time with our family because we can never predict what will happen next. I felt sad but I know that he is with the good LORD and that he could no longer feel the pain in the earth. I know that he is happy with GOD. May you rest in peace Tatay Carling.

My apologies loveys for making this post a bit long. This may not seem quite catchy or something that will pull your interest but just wanted to share my thoughts and my experience last week wherein I was missing for a week. This now explains why.. and the pictures that you will be seeing are captured moments in my first stay in Umawas.

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