Planner Review: Belle De Jour Planner

When it comes to prioritizing some tasks and assignments, I always make sure to make a list of what needs to be done. I just don't want to rely on my phone because I might lost it or it might be stolen for some reasons but I'm not as clumsy and forgetful as you think I am. So, I cling to my planner wherein I make a list of my future plans, what needs to be accomplished in a day and even my expenses.

Before the year started, I made an intensive research on what planner to use. I've been seeing lots of planner in bookstores but not a single thing caught my attention until I discovered Belle De Jour. I've heard stories about the planner of some bloggers but I never had the chance to buy one. So I made a pact to myself that by 2014, I need to buy one and so, it was a huge success.

I wanted to have the customized one with my name on it but I wasn't able to make it for their cut-off last year and I was very impatient to wait for another 20 days for it to be customized so I decided to just buy and settle for the common one. The planner costs Php 580.00, quite expensive though but impulsive as I can be at times, I decided to splurge on it.

So here are my thoughts for the Belle De Jour Planner

  • I love the cover (it doesn't easily get dirty since the background is black
  • It's spiral (pages won't torn easily)
  • They have inspiring quotes and messages in every page
  • Coupons and discounts to some participating stores
  • Colorful and attractive pages 
  • Love the mini pocket at the back of it

I love the entirety of the planner but here are few things that I quite don't like:
     - I can't use all the coupons and discounts because it's only limited plus most of the participating stores are in Manila. I can't seem to use all of it especially if you live in provincial areas like Cebu, plus there's a specific branch as to where you can avail the discount.
      - My health plan page is not really that useful to me (maybe for some)
      - There's only 1 page for the vacation planner, they should have added another one especially for jet-  setters like me who loves to travel.
      - And they should add another extra pages, like blank pages for us to jot down anything and everything under the sun.

For jet-setter like me, this is very helpful!

Keeps me up-to-date with my bills

I guess there's no excuse why I can't save

The stickers that comes with it. 

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