Twenty thirteen

While everyone's busy blogging about the start of their 2014, a late bloomer as I am, I'm still about to say goodbye to 2013. Looking back, it was one heck of a roller coaster ride, hardships, struggles, success, blessings and memories that I'll never forget. It has always been my tradition to look back and have a year end post no matter what, at least there's something to leave behind and a chance to look back on those cherished memories that will always be a part of me.

And here are the reasons why my 2013 rocks!

First, one thing I learned when I started 2013 is that people come and go, and indeed there is nothing constant in this world but change. Nothing will happen if you're not willing to step out from your own comfort zone, and one will remain stagnant if we all live with our fears and if things are not really meant to be, we should learn to let go.

Opportunity knocks once, so make the most out of it while it is still there. When one door closes, don't worry, the windows are still open. Had handful of online tasks and landed few online jobs, had few rejections but I learn to stand up and had the courage and determination to still give it a try, besides there's no harm in trying. Decided to go back to work, applied for a job but one thing I learned, we can never please anyone.

Try and try and try until you get what you want, who knows in the end, it'll be worth the risk. GOD has a better plan for you. (always). Everything happens for a reason, you may not get what you want but GOD will surely give you what you deserve and what you need.

Happiness is a choice, make your decisions wisely because regrets always happen after, not before.

You will meet different people in all walks of life. Others are there to support you all the way, and others were just plain acquaintances that never seem to care at all. I will never forget the people that made me special and somehow made me who I am now.

And I thank the LORD GOD for everything. For all the blessings, old and new friends, memories to cherish, lessons learned and for the precious time He has endowed to me. All these are impossible if not for HIM.

And as another year is about to start, I whisper a sincere prayer, hoping that by 2014, every day will be unique, one will be filled with positive vibes, good memories and be filled with happiness, hope, courage, be more stronger, wiser and bolder. 

So, bring it on 2014 because I'm definitely ready! 

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