Motherhood and pregnancy

Time flies so fast, can you actually believe that the year 2014 just started but January is about to end? The first month was very tough, welcoming the year of the wooden horse was a not good sign for me but somehow here I am trying to survive and still looking forward with high hopes and a positive attitude. Anyways, I haven't really updated my blog and I've been in a long hiatus for quite sometime. As much as I want to motivate myself to update my blog every once in a while but juggling between work and being a mom requires hard work, time and patience that blogging has been left out since then but I make it to the point to go back to my comfort zone and update it once in a while.

I don't have much plan for 2014 but I hope GOD has a better plan for me this year. #crossing-my-fingers!
So, I guess one of the biggest highlights in my life this year is my 2nd pregnancy. I am on my 5th month and I am quite excited for the gender of my baby but scared at the same time and I do pray that everything will be okay. I just hope it's a baby girl this time.

I am not an expert to motherhood and pregnancy but based on my experience, here are my tips for the first time mothers out there.

1. Be prepared
       - I guess preparation is the key to welcome motherhood easily. It will take some time to adjust with the entire pregnancy and labor until giving birth to growing up but with my experience during my first born child, I prepared myself to the last minute and the end result almost turned out as a disaster. So, better be prepared emotionally, physically and most of all financially.

2. Adjustment and Changes
       - I admit, it was hard at first and still getting harder day by day but take it as a big challenge instead of looking at it as an additional problem. It takes time to really accept everything, but just take one step at a time, you'll get there for sure!

3. Prioritize
       - Now's the time to start organizing everything and learn to prioritize what's important and what's not. Social life? Luxurious lifestyle? It's the time to set that one aside unless you're born with a silver spoon.

4. Rewarding Experience
       - After all the pain and suffering, in the end, it's a very rewarding experience. Pregnancy is a gift from GOD and embrace that gift wholeheartedly (not everyone is given a chance).

5. Stay positive
        - Who says that having kids loses your own happiness? I believe everyone is entitled for their own happiness. You may have kids and it's a tedious and toughest job in the world but don't forget to reward yourself once in a while or have a quality ME time, besides, you absolutely deserve that treat and pampering. And whatever happens, always have that positive outlook in life, remember, everything happens for a reason.

"Being a mother is learning about strengths you didn't know you had, and dealing with FEARS you didn't know existed." - Linda Wooten 

So here's to the baby bumps!

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