Finally!!! At last!!! I am now officially a Junior Member!! Wohoooo!!! This calls for a celebration!! Victory!! For many times I tried posting and posting and replying to the threads, joining such topics and answering some where-in-the-world-questions, now, I can proudly say, my effort has been paid off! (Phew)....

Actually, you may not be able to relate of what I am saying here, but of course, I wouldn't be too selfish not to share anything to you.. It goes like this.. There's this site (Philippine based only), that gives you the access to buy, sell or trade stuffs and others... It's like an E-bay in U.S or Amazon perhaps.. But what facinates me the most is that most of the users comin' from Cebu. So there would be no shipping hassle. But there's one thing about this site, it's just that, inorder for you to sell some of your stuff( may it be new, used, or whatever..), you have to become an active member first, and so.. since I am very hesitant to sell some of my used and unused stuff, I really worked hard in order for me to become a Junior Member, and just 2 days earlier, I was finally able to make it! Weeeeeeeee.... I'm so happy... :)

I know, it sounds so shallow, but you see, little things can make me happy... :) And now that I'm already a big part of it, I just couldn't imagine myself selling some stuffs and doing meet-ups.. I kinda remember myself way back when I was still a newbie. And this is it. And lastly, before I became a Junior member, I had lots of plans on what to sell and everything, but now that I am already into it, things are like runnin' out of my way.. But it's ok.. For me, what really matters is that I got what I wanted already... I'm happy and contented with it already.. :)

So, I guess, I'll end up here.. Just want to share my excitement and happiness, who knows, you probably had experienced what I had experience, at least, we can share times ten happiness and excitement as well.. Got to go.. My butts kicking me off here.. Take care!!!

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