Terrible day

Today, was one of the worst days of my life.. I've waited for someone and didn't even show up. I was totally devastated.. It's ok for me to wait, I can wait no matter how long but assuring that person will be comin'. I waited for nothing... I wasted my time there waiting only for nothing.? Come to think of it.. Isn't it stupid? How many times I let someone wait for me, but in the end, I'm sure that I will be showing up.. But what he did, he never came.. I even begged for him, because I badly need to see him.. All the long wait, hunger, boredom and pain in the feet will be okay as long as he will be there.. But he never came. He let his pride rule him... T_T... He already bid goodbye as for now... I guess this will be the start for the two of us not seeing together, so that we won't be missing each other badly by the time I'll be in the review house.. But I guess, its a bit too early to say goodbye..

I admit.. I really wanted to stop him, be with him no matter what, be by his side while there is still time.. But he's pushing me away already.. He even left me final words of encouragement or was it? I don't know... I went home straight and while I am inside the van, I didn't noticed that my eyes are bursting out with tears already... and then... tears started to fall... Thank God the van was very dark.. nobody saw me crying.. I cried not because I waited for nothing, I cried because he let his pride control over him.. (again...). Can't he not swallow his pride? (T_T)....

Now, hours had passed, not even a text came from him. Even though he left those farewell words, still, I'm hoping... Hoping that someday he would give up his pride or might as well lower it down.. It would only destroy him.. and the people he love... I wanted to see him before I go.. If only I could... I hope so... (T_T)

So, like what the image says, it might be a terrible day for me today, but tomorrow it will never be the same.. And I'm hoping that tomorrow will be a good one... Maybe.. with or without him.. But I even wish that I'll be with him... Till then... goodbye.

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