"Insecurity is a feeling of general unease or nervousness that may be triggered by perceiving oneself to be unloved, inadequate or worthless (whether in a rational or an irrational manner)." We all do have our own little insecurities. Ayt? I mean, we are not perfect human beings, even models have their own insecurities too. Honestly, I am also insecure by others too. But how do we handle our little insecurities? How do we deal with them? I guess, we all do have different coping strategies on how to deal with insecurities, may it be beauty, school, work, family, or even LOVE. Oh common, we all undergo that feeling wherein we feel less confident about ourselves, or we feel intimidated about the others, or sometimes the other way around. =)

I've read an article by Nellie Graham, it talks about how to overcome insecurities, and he made mention that "Insecurities are bad thoughts that should be eliminate in order to bring out the best of ourselves." And as I've read in his articles, he cited some mantras that you can say to yourself over and over again only to overcome these insecurities.

So, here are some:

1. I won't make any situation perfect – We tend to be afraid that everything would not turn out right if we approach someone we are attracted to, but how would we know if we don't pursue at all? Not everything would be perfect, but at least we can try to learn from it. You need to take out the pressure you unnecessarily built on yourself.

2.I am not shy – Shyness inhibits you to explore more about your potential in dating. Take the risk and get to know people. You can start by greeting your neighbors or the convenience store attendant. Slowly build your confidence.

3.I created my own insecurity – Remember that most of your insecurities have no meaning nor reason at all. They merely exist because you let them roam around your head.

4.I have the power of what I think and feel – Do not let anyone or anything control that power that only you possess. You have the power to choose whether to feel bad or feel good about yourself. If you want to live a good life, which would you choose?

Say these things to yourself in front of the mirror everyday so that insecurities will be washed away. Remember, insecurities do come and go and its all up to you if you let them stay in your mind. Look, at least be optimistic, feel good about yourself and feel great. Try not to compare yourself with the others, we are all created uniquely, so better bring out the best in you. Face the world, and tell the world how beautiful you are.

I know it's not that easy, but just have a little patience and faith in yourself. You can do it. If others can do it, why can't you. And now I'm talking, as if I'm not Ms. Little Insecure too. That's how I call myself. Bitter it may sound but surely its definitely true. Well, its me and its all I could ever be..


Keith said...

I think Itahl you are quite a sharp thinker. Insecurities come and go, but many of us learn the lessons that make us face the world with more confidence.

I know at 38 I have less fears than when i was 21. But, at 38, I also have some fears i never had when I was 21.

So, I will keep coming back to your page. If I should ever make it back to see Mactan or Cebu City again, I will have to warn you in advance... Keep smiling.

Jackie Richardson said...

Very good words of wisdom about insecurity. I used to be shy. I started talking to people starting a conversation. I found it was much easier than I thought. I would start talking about simple things like the weather. Like you said you never will know unless you try.


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