Grumbling stomach ***ouch***

I've been quite busy with my board now and somebody else's board too. As usual, handling branch L6Q, not too many calls but then I was the back-up of Xave for 487 and Eds is the back-up for 499 but unfortunately, they went lunch together so I have to back-up the 2 branches 487 and 499 in which I'm not really familiar with but anyways, good thing I was able to work on it and no miss tat though. Happy shalala--- its so nice to be happy...

Moving on, I'm not really in the good mood today. My stomach just ache and its really painful. I feel so bloated and my body feel so warm inside. It seems like I'm going to be sick. Really.. No kidding. But so far, time is fast approaching and my shift is about to end jst 1 hour and a half more.
***ouch**** my stomach really hurts..

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