I just came back from lunch, and I was the back-up for 487 coordinator. Since the last time I checked it, there was no call, so I sneak to look at my facebook and my blog when all of a sudden my pc just hung up or stopped. I don't know what to do so I pressed the black button (restart) and it did restart, but it did not entered to the log in icon, but it needs setup and a password. Gosh I really dont know what to do, I was nervous knowing that I've been accessing my facebook and internet as well and I wasn't able to clear the cookies, history and certificates. If the IT guys will check it out what might have caused the hung up, then they will discover or trace what I did earlier just like surfing the net which is a big NO NO.. It was really frustrating and since no matter how I try to press any button, still it won't work, now I have no choice but to transfer to another station, another pc. Boy I wish by tomorrow it will be back to normal. I pray that they won't be able to trace my web details and setting. I'm scared.. I might have a warning for using internet.

And so, here I am, using Lora's station, far from the social friends and in the corner all alone. Anyways, since I forgot to log out my facebook there, I automatically log in here and log in to my blog as well to share my experience. No calls yet, board is not busy and wasting time surfing the net.

On the other hand, its 12:37 pm already and time runs fast. Two days more and its already my off. Phew... Excited to have 2 days rest. Looking forward for this week to end.. Yipeee....

I guess I have to end up here. Got nothing more to say. Byebye everyone!! Lotsa lovin'!!!

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