Bangkok Diaries Day 2

Day 1 isn't bad at all, though we got lost because the hostel where we stayed is kinda far from the city itself. But it's in the heart of the backpacker's street, which is within Khaosan road. Our day 1 was spent exploring the nearby area, it was very crowded and the night is young. There are beers, booze, money changer and foreigners all around. Looking forward for Day 2

Day 2 - Sunday

 Me and my mom woke up around 11AM (Bangkok time - which is an hour late to Manila time). Since it was Sunday, I told my mom that we should not miss Chatuchak Weekend market. I know it is supposed to be our last stop but then as far as my research is concern, they're only open every Friday through Sunday. And Sunday seems to be the last day for the weekend market.

I forced my mom that we should dropped by to Chatuchak market first (pronounced as "Jatujak" or known as JJ market for Thai's.

From Ratcha Damnoen Nok road, we rode bus #44 going to Chatuchak market. It was an airconditioned bus and fare is around 20 baht as far as I can remember.

Chatuchak market closes around 6 pm but some sellers or merchant, they bring and sell their stuff in the streets. There are vendors in the streets and you can also buy them at a discounted price since it will be the last day for that week.You can buy tops, shirts and even shoes at 100 baht only.

Since we spent hours inside Chatuchak market, we got lost and don't know how to go home, what bus number and all. There are taxi's available but we prefer riding a bus since it is much cheaper. The flag rate of the taxi is 35 baht. The last time we asked someone, she said in order for us to go back to Khaosan road from Jatujak market, we will just ride the same bus#44.

We waited for bus#44 but it won't stop in the bus station as to where we were standing. We asked several Thai's but they said it will stop there. So we waited. And since we were so tired, that we badly want to go home I decided to ask for an alternate bus# for us to be able to go home. And gladly, someone was able to assist us. She said that we can ride bus#3 but we will be dropped off at Banglumphu, which walking distance from Khaosan road.

And good thing, we were able to go back to our hostel safe and sound. It sure was a trip to remember! I will definitely go back to Chatuchak market! A shopping haven!!

While waiting for the bus at Ratcha Damnoen Nok road

Stressed and tired after Chatuchak market shopping galore

Looking for the best souvenir. The "Tuktuk" souvenir

The other side of Khaosan road at night

 Don't know what to choose... Confused

Cute! Remembering the Tuktuk experience

 Free taste. One of the street vendors gave this to us for free. It tastes like a "Shakoy" Yum! 

Haggard face while waiting for our order. Trying their street food is a must!


Chyrel Gomez said...

I've long been wanting to go to BKK. Someday.

Krystal Pearl Braga said...

You should visit Bangkok. I bet you'll love this place because of cheap thrills. =) Shopping!


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