Bangkok Diaries Day 4

Our day 4 itinerary includes temple visit. Grand Palace, Wat Pho and other temple is what we aim to visit to complete this Bangkok trip. They are known for their temples and buddha's especially for the ancient Thai's. We walked from Jakrapong road to the Grand Palace, it will take about 10-20 mins. it depends on how fast you walk. As for me and my mom, we had few pauses in between because we have to take pictures once in a while of the breathtaking view Bangkok has to offer.

First stop: Grand Palace. If you've been to Bangkok, every establishment or tourist attraction, they have different rates for foreigners and locals. For example, if you will go to Grand Palace, if you are a Thai you will only pay if I'm not mistaken, 100baht but if you are a foreigner, you have to pay 400 for the admission fee. Call it unfair but I think this is how they earn money and their economy. Anyways, Grand Palace entrance fee is 400 baht. For first timers, I suggest, be cautious with your things, there are pick pockets so be very careful with your stuff everywhere you go. If someone will approach you and tell you that the temple is close, oh please don't be fooled by such trick because the temple is open every day. You can do intensive research first before going to the place so as not to be fooled by scam.

Will post more photos for Day 4!! 

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