Bangkok Diaries Day 4.2

Sorry for the long hiatus. I know I keep you guys waiting for so long. This serves as the continuation of the Day 4 adventure I have in Bangkok. I can't flood and bore you with too many pics. I'll just upload one place at a time.

Anyways, from Grand Palace, next stop is Wat Pho or known as where the reclining buddha is. Entrance fee is 100 baht but for foreigners, you get to have 1 free bottled drinking water as a complimentary drink. At least you can save 10 baht for the water. The estimated time of the tour inside the temple is around 10-30 mins. maximum to 1 hour depends on how you appreciate the view, picture taking or simply enjoying every view. Based on my experience, it took us 2 hours to view the whole place from Grand Palace to Wat Pho, that includes the entire walking and picture taking, and some short breaks and pauses in between. Anyways, Thai's look like Filipino's, they are not tall, medium built and the complexion is almost the same with Filipino's, I guess the only difference is the language spoken. In my experience, I've been disguised as Thai and usually when I order something, they always talk back in Thai. Funny but true..

The reclining buddha -  made of gold

You have to remove your shoes before getting inside. You can place your shoes inside the eco bag provided and you have to return the bag after. 

Golden buddhas! 

Outfit of the day! 

More pics coming soon! 

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