Bangkok Diaries Day 4.3

This is the last tourist attraction that we visited for Day 4. It was raining that day so there was no available tram to tour us around plus there are only few tourists who went there since it's a bit far from the city. We took a cab and good thing the cab driver knew the place. The admission fee for the foreigners differ from the locals. For tourists admission fee costs 100 baht but for locals it only costs around 20-50 baht I guess. Most of the pictures you see are not real animals, though I have a lot of pictures for the real ones but I prefer the statue since some of the animals are inside their cage or hiding somewhere. Anyways, I can't post all of the pics because it will only bore you. Have fun! End of Day 4


Jeane said...

That was a nice experienced of yours, I really enjoyed this blog. I love to visit Bangkok too and have and charming experience like what you've did. Thank you for this.

Krystal Pearl Braga said...

You should visit there! You will surely love the place. You're welcome my dear. Take care... =) Thank you for visiting my blog and appreciating it too! You're so sweet. =)


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