Singapore 1.4 (Cloud Forest edition)

Visited Cloud Forest just within the vicinity of Gardens by the Bay. It was one of a kind attraction and such a brilliant idea to whoever the developer and the architect is. It was a bit cold inside because there's a built in man made forest and waterfalls there.

PS: You'll be seeing my face in all of the pictures. Sorry, I only had few pics without my face. So for those who are sick and tired of seeing my face, better not proceed. I warned you. =) Cam-whoring to the highest level.

Feelin' a bit cold. Tiis ganda lng

View of Marina Bay Sands. Nice diba?

Singapore Flyer sa background ko


Look how cute the painting inside the comfort room. Young at heart! 

Now showing: The Future

 Feeling princess

Cute carved elephants!

Another cam-whoring session

With my high school friend Sheena! One of the share holders of Singtel! Kidding! LOL!


Gellie Zelle said...

Jealous. I want to go there too. I want to shop there. :) New follower here. Mind to follow back?

Sophie said...

gorgeous pictures! and you're so beautiful xxx

Krystal Pearl Braga said...

Hi Gellie! Thanks for the follow, followed you back. =)

@sophie - thanks a lot! Take care


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