Universal Studio Singapore

Everytime I visit theme parks, I always have this feeling of being a kid again. Everything is unexplainable, the excitement, the happiness, the "I want to ride this, I want to ride that" and all sorts of feeling a kid can experience. It's very relaxing because it feels like you are reading a storybook and you play a very important role in it. Though the admission fee is a bit pricey in our Philippine money because 1 SGD = 33.5 PHP. And the entrance fee costs 79 SGD so around 2,500+ for one person alone. Though it's unlimited ride all you can but still a bit pricey for one person. Anyways, I forced my mom to ride everything except for the Galactica because I find it so scary so we skipped that part and too bad we missed the Jurassic Park grand rapids because it was already closed by the time we got there. I believe there's always a next time. So have fun with the photos and enjoy!


Tori said...

Super cute dress! And looks like you had fun :)

Krystal Pearl Braga said...

Super thanks Tori! =)


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