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Does ZALORA and ROMWE ring a bell to you? Does online shopping convenient and exciting as it seems? If yes, get ready to be thrilled for the newly launch online shopping site that will tickle and cater your every needs. They are ORIGINAL and BOLD! And their designs are one of a kind! Who says printed shirts are out of style? With ORIGINAL SKIN, prints are fun and edgy. You'll never get bored while wearing this shirt. Want to get to know more about ORIGINAL SKIN? Available for both men and women. =)

Original. Bold. Clothing. 
First off, HELLO!!!… We are The Original Skin. The original. bold. clothing. label based in London, England. We’re here to share our Exciting and effortless clothing designs from our current collection… whilst having some fun too! At The Original skin, we are proud to look, feel and be different from others – Thats why we are Original. From Artistic interpretation to the kind of photos we take to the carefully selected materials used in making our garments, The Original skin really does rock!… well, we would say that…
We always create thought provoking, eye catching clothing for every season, with this season being no exception. Our fresh new range, Nostalgia has JUST LANDED! With four exclusive pieces meticulously produced and designed by The Original Skin creative team.
The Original Skin Designs
We really do pride ourself on our designs, in truth – we love them! It is by no accident that our products evoke human trials of emotion. Our current season highlights the struggle for freedom(s) within society, with civil rights prejudice, sexuality and gender equality, the freedom of movement and a freedom of speech all key messages that are prevalent in our current Nostalgia range of bold clothing.
Such designs are never as black and white as they seem… Each has individual meaning, historical significance and a message for us to follow today. See each of our individual designs for a full breakdown of their historical foundations and significance to society and ultimately, you today!
My top picks: 

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