If a picture paints a thousand words

If a picture paints a thousands words... of course he can't paint me because of too many pictures I have in one place.. LOL.. Call me narcissistic.

Sorry for the delay... Here are more pictures from our Day 3 trip...

When you want to order food in their food court, you have to buy cash card first. It costs 100 baht corresponding to 100 baht in cash too but I think you can buy more than that. Just say your order and all you have to do is give this, they will swipe it in their machine. You don't have to pay cash but instead the cash card will pay for the food that you ordered. No worries, it is refundable within the day. So if you won't be able to consume the entire balance, all you have to do is return this to the counter and they will refund you to the remaining balance that you have in your cash card. 

I forgot the name, but it is Pork and it costs 80 baht. 

This one is Gyoza. It costs 85 baht. 

Bought pastries and sweets for dessert. 

Platinum mall pronounced as "Platinam" mall, they consider this as the largest wholesale fashion mall. They will give you 10-50% discount if you buy more than 2 items. 

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