Easy Busy

Attended the first day of training and I must say, I think it's easy but it's just that there's too much pressure. I know myself well, I work under pressure but still it freaks the hell out of me. I felt like a newbie in the industry, that same feeling wherein you literally don't know what to do, you're too stressed and you can't even think straight, but I know I'll get over this for sure.

So here's what I wore on the first day of training. Kinda stressful but somehow manageable. This dress is too mini don't you think?

dress: bought in Greenhills, shoes: Alberto bag: mom's gift, earrings: bazaar in Eastwood


littleyana said...

Hi! The dress just right. Not too mini or sexy. I like the combination of black stripes and the white top. Perfect for office work. Was it your first day in the office? Goodluck! Thanks for the comment.

Krystal Pearl Braga said...

Really? I thought it's too short. Yes, black and white are such a good combination. Yes, it was my first day of the training. Take care! =)


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