Shoes overload

One of the bloggers sent me an invite to join her giveaway, Gorgeous Maciado is sponsoring her blog. While looking at their page, these sandals/wedge caught my attention. And such a perfect timing because I planned of buying a new sandals this month. I'm still undecided what style should I buy because, honestly, I want to order all of it. I'm still waiting for the owners reply as to how much these babies are! =) Can't wait..

Can you guys help me which you like best?

I totally can't decide! Isn't it lovely? I want all of them.. I can't decide. 


Ivana said...

Great post.
You have a lovely blog, if you would like us to follow each other let me now. :)


Krystal Pearl Braga said...

Hi! Visited your blog. Feel free to follow if you like. Thanks!


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