The one that got away

The training is almost over but I have to attend another training on Tuesday. The outcome of the demo class didn't worked out well and I had the last minute preparation. I was cramming and obviously, didn't turn out the way it should be. They gave me a chance though and I don't know when. Right now, I'm confused because an ex-colleague of mine told me that my former CEO wanted to re-hire me, and I was like, really? I didn't expect it because all I know is that I messed up and made a wrong impression because of some personal reasons that's why I decided to leave the company. Now, I'm torn between two jobs. Well, I'll continuously pray for this because I can't decide to something I'm not even sure of. I'm such a bipolar. I told myself I wanted to work in a home setting and now my preference have changed, I now wanted to work in an office environment, wanted to meet new friends, new colleagues who share the same office, get to play the dress up part and most importantly, the benefits which I considered perks.

So here's what I wore on the day of the demo class. I have to wear something casual so I decided to take my heels for a spin. I just love this heels from Parisian because they are so comfy and I can bare standing long hours wearing this. Anyways, even though things didn't turn out the way it should be, I totally understand because it was my fault in the first place. So, the end result of not preparing it ahead of time = disaster! But looking on the bright side, I learned a lesson. =)

About to leave the house, when all of a sudden I remember to take an outfit shot.

It's a blogger thing

A fashion blogger can't end the day without an outfit shot. Ayt?

The flirty pose

Looking very far

So what do you guys think? How was your day at work? At school?

Have a lovely cold evening everyone!! 


Liezyl Gomez said...

i love your bag! kung san ka masaya, dun ka babe and we will support you! chos.

Krystal Pearl Braga said...

Thanks dear! =) Mao lagi, let's see what will happen. Hahahahah =)

vanessa mercado said...

thanks for visiting! :) Following you now! Kisses from VV!!

Bloggermeister said...

the bag is to die for!


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