January on the go

2013 just started and I have a good instinct that this year will be greater than any other year but of course, each year has a unique and special memories to me. Anyways, I started 2013 with a twist, I resigned from my previous home-based job as an Executive Assistant and a transcriber. After submitting my resignation letter, I've applied for some other home-based jobs and luckily, got a call from one of the company that I applied, and happy to say that I passed the interview and the assessment! Yeeehaa!! January is not that bad after all.

So for this year, I have lots of plan. I'm about to make a list on what needs to achieve for this year. And I'd be glad to share you some of my plans:

1. Travel - Last year, I had the best travel trips so far! Despite of being unemployed I was able to travel and I thank GOD because of HIS provisions and never ending blessings. So this year, I'll make the most out of it. I need to save and I guess I need to start making itinerary and plans for the next trip. Right now, what I have in mind is Macau and Malaysia. Hopefully (crossing my fingers)! I have to make sure that I get to travel at least two places, I'll go where my happy feet wants to go. =)

2. I need to update my blog often, if possible I must make a blog post everyday. Kinda challenging but hopefully, I'll be able to do it. If not everyday, fine, at least 3 blog post in a week. Forgive me for being lazy sometimes, that's because I also have my life and other personal commitments and it's as much as I want to blog everyday, sometimes I just can't think of a blog post. So dear followers, for now, have patience in me, okay? =)

3. Beach! Even though 2013 just started, I can't help but make plans for summer! I'm a beach babe and I can't wait to go to the beach and relax! But wait, before wearing those bikinis, flip flops and sun screen, I forgot, I need to burn some calories first because I've been overeating lately. But I didn't regret it. Boy, I love it!

So these are the plans I made so far, I still have to add more. I'm thinking of a short term goal for now and I do hope I would be able to achieve all of them! You think so?

I need to be more determined that I would able to achieve them, all I need is just FAITH and COURAGE.


Chyrel Gomez said...

I'd love to be at the beach now.

Happy New Year!

littleyana said...

Hi! I like your first plan this year. Err, I just don't like it. I envy it. I want to travel too. Kaya lang hinde pasok sa banga hehe! I don't know, may be if its God's will, kahit local destionations lang. Nice bucketlist!

Marianne said...

cool blog.found you on chictopia.following u on both.do return the luv

Krystal Pearl Braga said...

@Chyrel - same here dear! I want to go to the beach now

Krystal Pearl Braga said...

Hi thank you mommy littleyana! Visited your blog. Thanks for visiting my blog

Krystal Pearl Braga said...

@Marianne - thanks dear! Followed you via Chictopia


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