CHRISTMAS!! It's HIS day!!!

When it comes to the word Christmas, some would remember, gift giving, holiday rush, Christmas sale, bonuses, yummy and delicious foods, Noche Buena, Christmas tree, lights and fireworks, but if you were to asked someone, do they exactly know the reason why we celebrate Christmas? Maybe not all, but only few of them knew the real essence of Christmas. For me, gift giving, parties, bonuses and other stuff are the only perks and add-ons during Christmas, but the real reason behind it is that because we are celebrating the birth of our LORD JESUS CHRIST, our Saviour. When 24th of the midnight strikes the clock, aside from the greetings, hugs and kisses and opening of the gifts, were you able to greet the LORD GOD a HAPPY BIRTHDAY? Have you even whispered a prayer for HIM? Maybe for some yes, and maybe for some only during Noche Buena, but the real picture here is that we celebrate because it is HIS day. The gifts and other perks are GOD's blessing to us, even our lives, it is already a big blessing HE has given to us. So grab the chance to greet Him today, it's never too late ayt?


And to end things up, I want to grab the opportunity to greet each and everyone a MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Yohooooo!!!!! :) Hugs and kisses to all!! GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!

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