My mind is pre-occupied with a lot of things and a lot of reasons. It's as much as I want not to be reminded of the not-so-important things and stuff, but it's just that it keeps on bugging me. Seems like the weight of the world is around my shoulders, see how heavy it is? Hmmmm... Way to far from what I had imagined. But you see, following my heart doesn't always apply. When it comes to love, I admit, I do the stupidiest things that a woman could have done. I am the queen of the martyrs, and I'm very weak emotionally so when it comes to deciding love matters, I always end up with frustration and broken hearted. In the end, guys only after me with the perks that I have, and the benefits of what they can get. Clear?

What I'm trying to say, people call me the girlfriend-material, because when it comes to relationships, I always give out my very best, in the end, boys take advantage over my feelings resulting to broken hearted. I once broke a heart of someone who loves me and my heart was once broken too by someone I love. So it was already fair, but now, again, I let my heart decide and not my mind. With the experience I have today in my life, my classmates would say, I never learned. I kept on using my heart in the wrong way making me unhappy.

But anyways, when it comes to deciding things and issues in life, heart doesn't always know the right way, sometimes it leads you to the dead end and as much as possible we have to use our minds often to avoid committing the same mistakes, to weigh things out as to what really matters, and to think if this time we really made the right decision, because you know, when it comes to loving, always and always, the heart will rule out, leaving our minds for nothing. But don't let that happen, learn to balance, it's not as always that the heart beats for the right thing. Like what I mentioned earlier, quote and quote "learn to weigh things out" and balance as much as possible. If deciding is very confusing, then that's the time to close your eyes and pray. Because HE alone knows what's best for you, HE will lead you to make the right decisions, so don't fear, because with GOD, everything is possible, He will give you strength and enlighten your minds to make the right decisions and decisions that will surely make you happy. :)

PS: Don't always follow your heart, follow GOD, and surely HE will direct you in the right path!


phoenix said...

woo - I'm glad I came across this during random image searching on Google!

Itahl said...

:) thanx.. :)


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