Twilight the movie

When this flick was released in the movie house, I was never fascinated to watch the movie, aside from the fact that I'm not really fond of watching movies, movie houses are too expensive already and because my boyfriend's brother has a book on Twilight, he said, the movie was quite changed from the real story in the book. There was a bit of change in the scenes or the script itself perhaps. So, I wasn't really that excited to watch the movie. I received positive comments and feedbacks regarding the movie, hearsays and even a quote from the SMS excerpt from the script in the movie. OMG! Everybody's talking about it, on how good the movie was, the thrill, the excitement, the "kilig" factor and even how inspired they were after watching the movie. At the back of my mind, I was thinking maybe it was more like the story of "The Notebook" but on the other hand, its more on vampires, how can I relate to that? And so, just last night, my brother was buffering this movie, and I was able to grab a chance to take a sneek peek, but eventually, call it funny, it was very inviting. I was able to finish the story, though the ending was so hanging and the thrill would somehow still be prolonged. Yeah right, whatever.

So, I got into this teen's site, and taddah! I bumped into this so called Twilight quiz, it's about which Twilight character reflects you? And oh-no, I got myself into it by answering the quiz. Tsk. tsk.. tsk... , that kinda sound like I'm already a fanatic of it. Oooh-lala... And now, here's the result: Seems like I'm more of Bella Swan.

You are Bella Swan.
Intelligent, mature beyond your years, and selfless, you always think of others before yourself. You can be utterly clumsy at times, and you like spending your time by yourself. You are incapable of staying mad at a person, and at times you can be very stubborn. You are able to make sacrifices easily if it's for the ones you love.

PS: And I've come to realize, it's really more like me. Oh-no.. :) Exactly!!

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