Part time writer to a stressful day

Well, while I was surfing and wasting much of my time surfing the net, I saw in this site that they were looking for part time writers. All you have to do is send my resume and that's it. The rest is up to them. But at the next page, an added requirement is a must, that you have to have a sample outcome or an article based on your own opinion and idea, not copied from the other source. While I was scrolling down the page, the given topic was all about "Proud to be a Cebuano". For me, it wasn't really that hard because I myself is a certified Cebuano. But then, as I was thinking, I don't know what to write. I asked myself, "Am I proud to be a Cebuano? In what ways?" Well, it made me reflect for a while. And so, I just don't know what to write. A lot of things I so wanted to scribble down but seems like my mind is so pre-occupied with a lot of things and even a simple question as like this, I couldn't even answer.

Well, maybe I'm feeling this way because I had lack of sleep for the past few days. I woke up early, stress myself whole day and stayed up late at night even at dawn. Is that a balanced life? I don't think so.. :P

Anyways, it's as much as I want to chit chat with you guys, but my body and brain is totally not functioning well. So I guess, I have to go and have a good night sleep, because tomorrow is another day and I need to have a beauty rest because tomorrow I am scheduled for an interview at People Support, because I was referred by Marvin. Even if I heard a lot of negative feedbacks from them but still when it comes to professionalism, I have to be there, show up at the scheduled date and let's just wait and see for the result.

And so, I have to end up here! I am talking that much and time is running out! Phew.. I'm so tired...nahnyt!! Mwahugz!!

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This Makes My Day said...

Hi Itahl,

first of all I like to thank you for your visit and sweet comment to my blogpost about Jimmy Pickering !

I have read your blog and I've enjoyed it a lot, you are a gifted writer I think. I wish you a lot of inspiration as a part time writer. I'm sure it will all turn out well.
But I advice you to take more rest so your soul, brain and body will be more balanced. Feeling well will help you with almost everything!

I wish you a great weekend!


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