Twilight the movie

When this flick was released in the movie house, I was never fascinated to watch the movie, aside from the fact that I'm not really fond of watching movies, movie houses are too expensive already and because my boyfriend's brother has a book on Twilight, he said, the movie was quite changed from the real story in the book. There was a bit of change in the scenes or the script itself perhaps. So, I wasn't really that excited to watch the movie. I received positive comments and feedbacks regarding the movie, hearsays and even a quote from the SMS excerpt from the script in the movie. OMG! Everybody's talking about it, on how good the movie was, the thrill, the excitement, the "kilig" factor and even how inspired they were after watching the movie. At the back of my mind, I was thinking maybe it was more like the story of "The Notebook" but on the other hand, its more on vampires, how can I relate to that? And so, just last night, my brother was buffering this movie, and I was able to grab a chance to take a sneek peek, but eventually, call it funny, it was very inviting. I was able to finish the story, though the ending was so hanging and the thrill would somehow still be prolonged. Yeah right, whatever.

So, I got into this teen's site, and taddah! I bumped into this so called Twilight quiz, it's about which Twilight character reflects you? And oh-no, I got myself into it by answering the quiz. Tsk. tsk.. tsk... , that kinda sound like I'm already a fanatic of it. Oooh-lala... And now, here's the result: Seems like I'm more of Bella Swan.

You are Bella Swan.
Intelligent, mature beyond your years, and selfless, you always think of others before yourself. You can be utterly clumsy at times, and you like spending your time by yourself. You are incapable of staying mad at a person, and at times you can be very stubborn. You are able to make sacrifices easily if it's for the ones you love.

PS: And I've come to realize, it's really more like me. Oh-no.. :) Exactly!!

CHRISTMAS!! It's HIS day!!!

When it comes to the word Christmas, some would remember, gift giving, holiday rush, Christmas sale, bonuses, yummy and delicious foods, Noche Buena, Christmas tree, lights and fireworks, but if you were to asked someone, do they exactly know the reason why we celebrate Christmas? Maybe not all, but only few of them knew the real essence of Christmas. For me, gift giving, parties, bonuses and other stuff are the only perks and add-ons during Christmas, but the real reason behind it is that because we are celebrating the birth of our LORD JESUS CHRIST, our Saviour. When 24th of the midnight strikes the clock, aside from the greetings, hugs and kisses and opening of the gifts, were you able to greet the LORD GOD a HAPPY BIRTHDAY? Have you even whispered a prayer for HIM? Maybe for some yes, and maybe for some only during Noche Buena, but the real picture here is that we celebrate because it is HIS day. The gifts and other perks are GOD's blessing to us, even our lives, it is already a big blessing HE has given to us. So grab the chance to greet Him today, it's never too late ayt?


And to end things up, I want to grab the opportunity to greet each and everyone a MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Yohooooo!!!!! :) Hugs and kisses to all!! GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!


My mind is pre-occupied with a lot of things and a lot of reasons. It's as much as I want not to be reminded of the not-so-important things and stuff, but it's just that it keeps on bugging me. Seems like the weight of the world is around my shoulders, see how heavy it is? Hmmmm... Way to far from what I had imagined. But you see, following my heart doesn't always apply. When it comes to love, I admit, I do the stupidiest things that a woman could have done. I am the queen of the martyrs, and I'm very weak emotionally so when it comes to deciding love matters, I always end up with frustration and broken hearted. In the end, guys only after me with the perks that I have, and the benefits of what they can get. Clear?

What I'm trying to say, people call me the girlfriend-material, because when it comes to relationships, I always give out my very best, in the end, boys take advantage over my feelings resulting to broken hearted. I once broke a heart of someone who loves me and my heart was once broken too by someone I love. So it was already fair, but now, again, I let my heart decide and not my mind. With the experience I have today in my life, my classmates would say, I never learned. I kept on using my heart in the wrong way making me unhappy.

But anyways, when it comes to deciding things and issues in life, heart doesn't always know the right way, sometimes it leads you to the dead end and as much as possible we have to use our minds often to avoid committing the same mistakes, to weigh things out as to what really matters, and to think if this time we really made the right decision, because you know, when it comes to loving, always and always, the heart will rule out, leaving our minds for nothing. But don't let that happen, learn to balance, it's not as always that the heart beats for the right thing. Like what I mentioned earlier, quote and quote "learn to weigh things out" and balance as much as possible. If deciding is very confusing, then that's the time to close your eyes and pray. Because HE alone knows what's best for you, HE will lead you to make the right decisions, so don't fear, because with GOD, everything is possible, He will give you strength and enlighten your minds to make the right decisions and decisions that will surely make you happy. :)

PS: Don't always follow your heart, follow GOD, and surely HE will direct you in the right path!

I do trust him.. Really!

Today, I really had a stressful day. Or was it really that stressful? Well, maybe.. Actually, I woke up early just to make up with him because we were not able to see each other for the past 2 days. So, I went early in their house and stayed there till the whole afternoon. While he was cooking and preparing our lunch, I told him I'll be copying some of the songs that I love from his file. So I knew that the album art image was changed already but then, as I scanned the songs, I was able to bump her face again. Whaat? Again?! Yes, certainly, her face struck me. Well, honestly, I don't care about her anymore. My boyfriend told me that he's totally OVER with it. So, I trust him. But I was hoping that he would change the image in the album art because we once had an argument about it one time. I thought he learned from our argument already but then, nothing really changed.

As I was teasing him, he was then trying to defend his self and just to cover up the issue, he tried to change it by replacing it with my face. I mean, I'm really done and fed up with these issues and I don't have to open it all up over and over again. That would be a great waste of time! Duh!

After that, I knew the pix were old but then as I scanned even more, I saw this new pic of the girl and I was super shocked. I mean, if he really was over with the girl, why were he able to get and grabbed a new pic of her? Is he fooling me or am I that stupid? I don't know, my heart tells me to believe him but my mind keeps on dictating me not to, that it was only his own defense mechanism, that he was just trying to pretend as if he doesn't, when it fact it will always be her! sTUPID! I knew it was really over, and as far as I can see through his efforts, I can really say that he's not into her anymore. Maybe.... But I do believe him, I do trusted him. One thing I just hope, I hope that it's true.

Anyweiz, as for me, I'm done with it. Really.. I'm not hurt anymore, because I'm so fed up with these issues and that makes me numb with it. Ok. It's all up to him already. All I know as for myself that I'm really over it. Okay? No pretentions and no lies. I'm over and totally over with that issues! Fine! :) I trust you! :)

Okay! Well, I don't care anymore. It's all up to him, if he still loves her, then he should set me free. I don't care if I'll be hurt again, I told myself that I should be used to it and getting hurt isn't new to me anymore. Such a cliche...

So much for all the talks, I have to go 'coz I still have to eat late dinner... hehhehe... :)) And so, I have to end up here. Till then!! Mwahugz!!


Part time writer to a stressful day

Well, while I was surfing and wasting much of my time surfing the net, I saw in this site that they were looking for part time writers. All you have to do is send my resume and that's it. The rest is up to them. But at the next page, an added requirement is a must, that you have to have a sample outcome or an article based on your own opinion and idea, not copied from the other source. While I was scrolling down the page, the given topic was all about "Proud to be a Cebuano". For me, it wasn't really that hard because I myself is a certified Cebuano. But then, as I was thinking, I don't know what to write. I asked myself, "Am I proud to be a Cebuano? In what ways?" Well, it made me reflect for a while. And so, I just don't know what to write. A lot of things I so wanted to scribble down but seems like my mind is so pre-occupied with a lot of things and even a simple question as like this, I couldn't even answer.

Well, maybe I'm feeling this way because I had lack of sleep for the past few days. I woke up early, stress myself whole day and stayed up late at night even at dawn. Is that a balanced life? I don't think so.. :P

Anyways, it's as much as I want to chit chat with you guys, but my body and brain is totally not functioning well. So I guess, I have to go and have a good night sleep, because tomorrow is another day and I need to have a beauty rest because tomorrow I am scheduled for an interview at People Support, because I was referred by Marvin. Even if I heard a lot of negative feedbacks from them but still when it comes to professionalism, I have to be there, show up at the scheduled date and let's just wait and see for the result.

And so, I have to end up here! I am talking that much and time is running out! Phew.. I'm so tired...nahnyt!! Mwahugz!!

In-house stay

It feels so good to be back at your most comfortable zone. For one month or should I say 4 weeks perhaps, we were in the seminary with our section and other section as well. Aside from the fact that we ought to stay in that place, we were able to bond with individuals who have different personalities, but one common thing or goal we have in life and that is to "Pass the Board Exam!". Well, that's the only reason why we were there. Actually, we had fun in our stay there. Our busy schedules had little fun in between and flexible and jolly as we are, we were able to meet the other sections as well.

A lot of things I missed most while I'm away from the outside world, my family, boyfriend, friends, shopping, mall hopping, sight seeing, and most of all, internet.. Others were bringing their laptops with them, well, one things for sure, I miss blogging. There are a lot of things runnin' in my mind that I just want to scribble them all but I just can't. I so wanted to put all the thoughts that kept on bugging me and all the feelings and mixed emotions I so wanted to express.

Though being separated from my own comfort zone, I was still able to connect myself from the others and feel myself comfortable to the place. Honestly, my first night was totally not so relaxing. But then, as time goes by, we were able to adjust to the way of living there. And now, I even missed everything in that place. All the happenings and the experiences. I really had fun even when we were away from the outside world. The inside world taught me so many things and I had learnt from the different stories from them too. It was so cool.. And it made me realize that we were so lucky to stay in that place because the people who cared for us, nurtured us and fed us very well. I super thank the clinical instructors who have been very patient to us, who cared for us and for understanding our immaturities and differences. We were so lucky and blessed to have them around. I also would like to personally thank my classmates for the memories we had shared. Though it was only in a short span of time but then again, the captured memories will forever be embedded in my heart. I will surely treasure the memories we had. And lastly, I thank GOD for the opportunity to be with them.

Finally, to sum it all up, one thing that we look forward into, and that is "To Pass the Board Exam!". We all want to pass the board exam, we all want to still see each other during the oath taking. We all want to be nurses in the future years to come and work abroad or serve the country. Our country needs our help.. I pray that we will all make it together, we've been through in good times and bad times, and we don't want someone will be left behind. We went this far together and we will all finished the race together. I know, in GOD's perfect time, we will all pass! Praise GOD!!

God Bless to all the future nurses! Section I 100%! We will make history!


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