When January is about to come, of course Sinulog plans will surely be the talk of the town. Fully booked hotels and pension houses, increase price rates of beers and liquors, Henna tattoes, and of course I simply call it "Crowded Cebu". Well, the fact that visitors comin' from different places would rush to Cebu just to celebrate Sinulog with the Cebuanos. It's been a tradition for them to celebrate it every 2nd week or 3rd week of January. We are not an exception to it, not that I believe their Sr. Sto NiƱo, but everybody pays respect to that "sacred idol". I did not went to party just to celebrate its feast but because I enjoy the bonding moments with my cherished friends. It's been our tradition to bond every Sinulog and this year was a blast and loaded with FUN! whoa!!! You see, for the first time, we had a semi-reunion with my highschool friends and indeed we were all half complete. Ayt? And we had fun till morning, drinking sprees, never ending talk, pictures every now and then, and of course karaoke nights. Wohooo!! Well, one things for sure, we really had fun though! Hope it will still happen again. Hoping for another adventures partaaaay! I believe this is not yet the end of all our friendship but the beginning.. Well, as for the proof of evidence, here it is:::

(L-R) Kano, 2yang, Zalyn, Viel, Me, Panyang and Francis

more pics comin' up... :) keep yourself updated.... weeeeeeeee


Everyday, we can never be too sure of what life is ahead of us. What happens now may never be the same of what will happen tomorrow. It is so uncertain. Life is full of ups and downs. Change is constant and that's for sure. I may be in a good mood tomorrow and the next thing would totally be a disaster. Worst comes to worst and everything happens for a reason. Life itself is unpredictable. In a matter of seconds, in a blink of an eye, a lot of things happened already. We just cannot tell what will happen to us in the future, but we can always decide what we wanted to be in the future. Life is a matter of a rollercoaster ride, mixed emotions and all, but ei, no matter how crazy life is, enjoy every ride! Live as if everyday is the last. Savor the moments while you are still alive. Live life without regrets and enjoy!! have fun!!! as for me, I'm having fun with my life too (no matter how rocky it was)! Wink... wink.. to all of you..

XOXO... HUGS AND kisses!!!

little girl

And this girl is --ME--
sad to say, my dreams were all vanished, I so believed in negativity where possibility is of less chance, I turned out to be the pessimistic person, and my heart was heavy and broken.. Could no longer bear the pain but still I'm fighting.. Everything is not normal already, I felt dead inside, living outside. (sigh) That smile of that little girl is no longer the smile of the girl I knew now.

Back to normal way of life

I thought my first week would totally be a disaster but then I'm wrong. Well, we were able to settle our little argument, patch things up and now, everything's back to normal. We date, hang out in their house, spend time with each other, exchanging of sweet-nothings and a lot of things a couple usually do, (not to forget hugs and kisses). :) Anyways, so much for all the love issue, were able to get over it.

Well, 2009 still unemployed status. You see, it's not because I was not accepted by a job offer, well, not to boast but there were numerous offers but I accidentally turned them all down. Usually I applied as an ESL Teacher due to my previous experience and somehow its my edge upon applying, and luckily I was being scheduled for an exam and interview, and sad to say, lazy as I was in 2008, I all turned them down. Unprofessional as I was, I wasn't able to show up during my scheduled exam and interview. But I did inform them the lame excuses that I made just to find a way out. So sorry.. And so, here I am stuck in front of the computer, doing nothing but checking mails and improving more of my blogs and other sites. Well, its consuming more of my time. Such a waste of time, isn't it? Yeah right, such a dork!

So much for all the blah blah talk.. Well, wish me luck for tomorrow. Hopefully I would be accepted in the part time ESL online teacher that I applied. Dunno what to do.. :) Heheheh... Hope I made an impressive mark to them.. :)

So, I guess, till here.. Just updating more of my adventurous and cozy life! LOLZ!!! :))

Lovelots.. XOXO...

LOST: my mingming

I couldn't get over with the fact that we fought. 2nd day of 2009, an argument has been brought up already. I admit, I miss him really. It's been 5 days to be exact of not being able to see him and be with him. I left broken promises to him and I promised to myself to patch things later. But later is now and still, not a single way ever happened. He is still mad at me, I tried to miss call his phone, it only rang but no text followed. I am soooo damn worried. It's really late and I can't sleep thinking how he is, where he is and he is with whom.. A lot of things pop into my silly mind. I tried diverting my attention by looking at his page, yeah, I caught myself looking at his own page, and I remembered our times of the sweetness, the times when the love was so fresh, the I LOVE YOU's was sooo sweet and the never ending long comments that somehow occupied our friendster page. Looking back, the love was soooo undeniably fresh, sweet and somehow "kilig".

Now, I came to ask myself, is it still the same? Is the feeling still the same comparing to our first time of being together? I soooo miss the life when all his world revolves around me, and all his plans includes me, all his daily life is that I'm part of it. But now, it just came to a point where he could no longer stand my lates, my promises and basically, the whole "me". I don't know, maybe he loves the positive attitude of myself but the worst in me, he couldn't accept. Is this still love? I don't know. I had previous relationship but still I have no idea when it comes to love issue, I still feel like I'm a newbie in this so called "L-O-V-E" thing.

For now, I can still divert my mind of not to think of him but later, as I head myself to sleep, all I could ever think of is him. I'm so damn worried. Does he feel the same way too? I miss him badly. Does he misses me too? T_T... too bad, he's always on my mind.. And its driving me insane.. T_T

Silly me.. T_T


not a good start

Suppose to be today was the new start of my life. New year and new life already but still seems like I'm back of being the worst person ever. I'm now more of the lazy, the stubborn and the I-don't-know-what-to-do-with-my-life-right-now mode. You see, I planned to change my life for the best, not only settle for better but aim for the best, But sad to say, I woke up this late afternoon, still feeling sleepy, wasn't able to finish cleaning my room, had an argument and broken promise to my boyfriend which eventually resulted to fight and now, here I am, stuck in this blog, back as to the branded "ME"(period).

Now, he's still mad at me for not comin' and breaking my promises. Not a single text ever came and I don't know how he is right now. But, really, I am very much worried. As much as I want to communicate with him, but my pride tells me not to. Stupid pride. I just couldn't swallow it for the moment, 'coz I might be choke up. I realize, maybe he needs time. Maybe I should communicate with him later. Just don't want to end the day with unresolved conflicts. Hai.. It's really my fault. I know.. T_T and I admit.. But right now, I just couldn't think of the right way to patch things up. I don't know how to get away with it. T_T

Now, new year, new conflicts has brought me. It's not what I wanted to happen. I so wanted to change really. But he thinks that I will never change. Well, one thing that came in my mind, prove to him that he was wrong. That I am capable of change. I can change myself for the better. Hopefully, tomorrow, it will turn out good. Just want to put things in order.

I guess, I have to end up here. Got nothing more to say. I'm running out of words and my mind is very pre-occupied with a lot of things especially him. T_T hope to hear from him soon..


Happy new year!

Yesterday ended 2008, now we welcome 2009 with a brand new start. Hmmmm.. Time to check out my resolution list. Was I able to accomplish something for my resolution in the year 2008? Maybe some, and maybe not at all. But what really matters is that another year, another start, another resolution list.

So, better jot down your list of new resolutions. This calls for change! New life! New beginning!!

Till here! HAPPY NEW YEAR to each and everyone!!!


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