I've always thought that blogging is boring but then I find myself so into it. I mean, I had 2 blogs from the blogger site, 1 xanga, 1 myspace, 1 friendster and 1 multiply blog and each of the topic varies from one blog to the other, I even update myself now through twitter, though only 2 of my friends registered but then, as time goes by, never would I imagine, I now have 11 followers. Wow! I'm overwhelmed. Really, even if it's only 11 but still I never thought they would follow me, I'm not a public figure that someone would totally follow or be interested with, I'm just simple from the girl next door, shy and silent. Weeew... Quite flattering really. :)

Anyways, back into this blogging thing, I love to blog because I can always express what I truly feel, no pretentions, nothing to fear, and the fact that I remain anynymous. Way back when I was still in high school, I used to write and scribble down the events of my day and everything in my diary. Believe it or not, I have 6 diaries all in all. But eversince I involved myself in this blogging thing, my diaries remained 6 as it is. And what I truly love about blogging is that I can still keep my secrets, share my experiences, express my frustrations, wishes, dreams and ambitions without nothing to worry about because I can always keep my identity anonymous and it's really all up to me whether I'll reveal it or not, but for me, it doesn't really matter, because this seems to be my online diary, as to where I can pour out my emotions and be myself. But what inspires me most of the time, is having feedbacks and comments about my topic or my blog, may it be my blog design/layout up to the least details of the title of my blog, it feels like, one can relate with the experience/s that I've been going through and someone takes his/her time reading these personal blog of mine. Nothing interesting but glad they find it interesting. Having them around, is totally amazing. But I'm not blogging just to be praised, still, for me, this is who I am, my life and my own self, it's all up to them whether they'll accept me or not, I don't really care.

I've been talking a lot now and it's early in the morning and I'm still wide awake. But you know what? I still don't feel sleepy. I think my sleeping pattern is abnormal but the good thing here is that I still get a lot of sleep despite everything. Hahhaahah!

Even if blogging for others is boring but for me this is my life, my home and my comfort zone. Nothing to hide. Nothing to fear about. Just totally me. And I'm so0000 loving it!

Times up! Time for me to end this conversation with my own self. Time to hit the bed and rest.

PS: Call it Ms. COnfident but without hesitation, I nominated my self to Philippine Blog Awards. I'm not really expecting that much, but at least trying won't hurt a bit either. Besides, this is a free country and I do think I have the talent as well and the qualifications for such, so why not? It's an opportunity already knocking on my door and a blessing as well. Whether I will win or not but the thought that at least I tried! :) And nothing's really wrong with that (I suppose). C:

BUt if you have time, feel free to drop by and nominate my blog. I'm not forcing you to nominate me, it's really all up to you, this is a democratic country, you have your freedom. But if you feel like voting me, then vote for me! :) I'd be glad to! And thanks in advance everyone!!! May GOD BLESS you all!

Curious? Here's the url:

Super duper thanks!!!!! Mwah! mwah! mwah! mwah!!!!!! Lotsa lovin!!!!

Boys over flowers

I wanted to share something to all of you yesterday, but due to some work I have to finish and I was quite busy that is why I wasn't able to blog. Yesterday, I uploaded some pics of last Saturday's event which was kuya Rany's belated birthday celebration and at the same time, trying to finish the errand my mom gave to me but still, despite the busy-ness, still I was able to upload all the pictures and was able to post new pics in my twitter too! C:

Anyways, yesterday, I felt lazy and quite not feeling well, so I decided to just stay at home. And since I slept late the other day, I slept early in the morning and woke up late in the afternoon and by the time I woke up yesterday, my sister arrived in the house quite late because she was tasked to deliver the orders and on her way home she passed by the street and saw a street vendor selling pictures of the casts of Boys over flowers, and since she knew I've been following the series and go crazy "kilig" over them, she bought me these wallet size pictures of them. I super love it and super thanks to my sister.

So much for all the talk and blah blah's, so here it is:

So that's it for now! Just droppin' by to share my thoughts and my pics as well. Hahahaha.. Till here guys!


I'm in love again

One fine sunny day, while walking in the park, you accidentally bumped this guy. How would you feel? What would your reaction be? Hmmm.. I wonder what would be mine. Star struck? Or am I goin' to faint? I really don't know, but if ever that happens, it would then be the most unforgettable heaven experience I would totally feel. Haaaay... He's the kind of guy every girl dreams of. The ideal guy any girl would like to have. Not to mention, he's man enough physically and oh-so-dying-body.. Boy, you are one heck of a cutie I totally don't want to miss. Hahaha.. :P

Anyways, who doesn't even know this guy? Oh com'on! Girls, help me introduce him, let's just call him, Gu Jyun Pyo. hahaha.. I prefer to call him Gu Jun Pyo 'coz the fact that I started to love his character in the series, Boys Over Flowers. I love his personality and he really did made his character a lovable one. I fell in love with him not because of what he only looks like but of course, because of his character in the story that almost melted my heart. LOL.. :P

I wish he knew what I felt for him. Kidding! :))

I'm inlove again.... :) Sweet....

But anyweiz, he's really not the typical sweet type, but he's more on my ideal type of guy. The "suplado" type, hard-to-get type of guy outside but then oh-so-sweet inside. Haaaayyyyyyyy..... But my love for him is only up to that, I really don't know his real personality but I love him in his character only and of course, not to mention, the way he looks and presents himself. If given a chance to trade places with Geum Jan Di, why not? Hahahha... He's super sweet and man enough to handle a girl. But I don't love the whole package of his character, because there's this part of him that I totally hate, and that is his pride. But the part that I love the most and getting butterflies in my tummy is that everytime I see his efforts and everytime he swallows his pride, oh no, I call it my superman! Hhahahha.. He's my hero. I sooo love him. But anyways, I'm done watching this series already, I'm totally moved with his efforts for Jan Di. What a pair! And even if this series has already ended, still I just can't get over it. I want him more! hahaahha.. No wonder, Bianca GOnzalez likes him too! Who doesn't? :P

Anyways, for those who doesn't even know who this guy is, okay, I'll just reveal his real name here, his name is Lee Min Ho. Born June 22, 1987, we have the same age! That' is why I love him. hhahha.. Meant to be? Yeah right! I'm daydreaming again. :) Anyways, he's known for leading role as Gu Jun Pyo in the manga series Boys over Flowers. He's the F4 leader and Geum Jan Di's lover. Curious about him? Search the net, the world wide web has the widest information about this guy. I was able to grab some few info's about him. Sorry but I'm not really a die-hard fan of this guy. Oooopss.. sorry again.. :) Peace everyone!

So I guess, I have to end up till here! I still have to daydream about him! Hahahaha... At least in my dreams, I can imagine as if I am Jan Di. Oh, I'm so loving it. Mwah! mwah!!!!! byebye!!!

Insomnia attack

Rise and shine everyone!!! Good morning!!!! My morning sounds so great, but the truth behind it is that, I haven't slept since last night. Now, I feel like I'm super high. Really, I'm not sleepy yet nor had the feeling that I wanted to sleep. I had a terrible insomnia. Grrrrrrrrr.... But the good thing here is that, there's nothing to worry about because I can sleep anytime I want, for the reason that I have all the time in the world (for now). No appointments, no errands, no date, and other stuff. So, I can sleep all day and wake up anytime I want. Yippeeeeee

But since I'm still wide awake, I'm done checking my mails, updated my online store, joined some forums, checked other sites, and a lot more. But you know what? With all the updates that I did, I totally had fun updating my twitter. Yep.. yep.. I'm starting to love twitter more than I could ever imagine. I never thought I could post pictures but glad I already did. weeeeee.. I'm so lovin' it... Thanks to maxene magalona, since I'm following her in twitter, she shared something and when I came to look at it, I was totally amaze, really, thanks to her, now I know that I can post and share pics in twitter too.. I love it!! For those who wants to follow me in twitter, feel free to follow, my username is itahl. Of course, you have to be a member first before you can follow me. Hihihihi...It's good to be part of twitter, it keeps you updated with your friends everynow and then.

Anyweiz, I had fun surfing the net even though I had insomnia attacks. Next plan? Hmmm.. Play guitar geek. I want to beat all my friends. Hahahaha... Totally a geek! Till here.. I still have to visit more interesting sites and play more exciting games until I have the urge to sleep already.. Love lots!!! mwah!! mwah!! mwah!!!

Model in the making

Can you actually believe it? I totally made it! Y-E-S!!! Y-E-S!! I am on the cover of my favorite magazine, CANDY.. WOW!! I'm so loving it! Exciting isn't it? Oh yes.... I am tooootally overwhelmed.. Everything seems to be so perfect, the looks, the picture and even the layout, wow... simply just can't get enough, so what are you waiting for? Hurry, rush to your nearest magazine stalls and bookstores and buy your own copy 'coz this is only limited edition.... Oh my... Oh my... Amazing...


but then again.. it's only an illusion, a day dream, a fantasy, and time for me to wake up! Wake up Krystal! Wake upppppp!!!
Wake up into the world of reality!!!! Oh common....

-------------------Now I'm wide awake. ------------------

Eversince I was a kid, I always admire models on the print ads, billboards, magazines and tv, and I often wonder, how it feels like to be one. You know, the fame and all the perks and the life of a model. You see, seems like they're born to be perfect and everything: the looks, the body to die for, the height, and the skin and all you could ever picture out what a model looks like. But FYI everyone, they too have their own flaws, their own weaknesses, and they are not perfect, of course, nobody's perfect either.

But now, I'm still livin' in an illusion, in my dreams that I can become a model. BUt WAIT! Who says I'm not? Of course, I am a model. Not a ramp model or a print ad model, but a model to my younger generation. A model of good character and a positive attitude. Though I exist in my too extraordinary simple world, but for me, I am a model in my own world, in my heart and in my soul, I exist in the world of modeling of good character and a positive attitude. but hey, it doesn't necessarily need to be beautiful to become a model, what matter is that you have confidence in yourself and believe that you are beautiful and a personality that shines through and that would amaze the world; and as for me? I am proud and confident to say that I am beautiful inside and out.. With the positive outlook in life and confidence in oneself, that brings out the very best of a girl who looks at the world with a very big smile on her face and still looks forward to a brighter world! Am I right?

Oooopppps.. Till here.. I know, this is not a dream, 'coz I'm still wide awake.. Anyways, time to go now.. Clock's ticking.. I have pictorials and appointments to attend to, (here I am again..) hahaha

Byebye everyone... :) Au revoir!!!!!!!!!! Lotsa lovin!!!!


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