Just got Lucky

Sorry for the long hiatus. Been very busy with work and training these past few days ever since 2012 has started. Wasn't able to take outfit shots since my camera just gave up on me. I needed a new one. Anyways, remember when Biang of Musings of a Wide-eyed Wondergirl in collaboration with Zenj had their holiday season giveaway? It was at that time when I was way too excited to join and so I did. I admit, I find myself unlucky when it comes to giveaway but when I received a tweet and an email from Biang, I couldn't help but get excited to the point that I kept on shouting and shouting because I was in extreme happiness. Phew! I just won a unique handmade neck piece and boy when I saw the email, I just couldn't help but feel overjoyed. I can't wait to land the item in my hands and wear it. And just this Monday, finally got the item. I'll post pictures soon plus me wearing the outfit with the neck piece in it. And so thanks Biang from Musings of a Wide-eyed Wondergirl and Zenj for the item!

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