Getaway! It's more fun in the Philippines

I admit, I'm quite a late bloomer lady. And I don't rush myself in when it comes to the latest trend but I keep myself updated once in a while. Lately, DOT promoted their new slogan, "It's more fun in the Philippines!" A big "Yes" and I agree. Our passion to travel has always been in our family ever since. I grew up wanting and have been to many places mostly within the Philippines. If only I could post all the pictures here even way back when I was still in high school but some of our pictures were taken by film (boo). I realized that there are more to develop places here in our country but due to lack of resources and funds that is why they remain as is or just so so or worst, they remained unknown. We've been exploring a lot of places here in our country and there is so much of its destination that we can be proud of, to name a few like Palawan (Underground River, El Nido), Boracay (famous for its white sand beaches and water sports activities), Pagudpud, Camarines Sur, Siargao, Cebu, Bohol and a lot more. We must learn to love our own land for there are more to explore in our own country. I've been a living witnessed that we are blessed with great natural resources, and breath taking places that will surely make our vacation and relaxation meaningful. =) 

And because I love Philippines and I am a proud Filipino, here's my photo op in relation to the new slogan. 
Disclaimer: I'm not paid or sponsored or whatever to promote the new slogan or what, I'm simply doing this for the love of my country and personal interest. =)

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