Modern military inspired

Another week, another day, another busy Monday. I have lots of work to do, lots of things that I needed to catch up on, paper works, training sessions, household chores, reading work related mails, taking care of the baby and refresher courses. I sometimes feel that I am a superwoman, that is why every rest day I always make it to the point to catch up with sleep and rest. It's the only time to relax and enjoy. Monday is such a busy day for me, aside from continuing what I left on Fridays, but for me Monday simply means dress up day. I have to dress up in a bit smart casual because it's quite a demand in my position. You can't just wear a pair of flats in front of your trainees or a flat sandals, and as a trainer one must dress up at least a bit. Glad to have outfit shots again. Been missing this for the longest time. =)

OTD on a busy Monday! 

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