Farewell Singapore

The moment of truth. My Singapore trip ended already. Saying goodbye and looking forward with high hopes that I would be able to come back and visit this place again and this time with my baby Luke. Went to the airport 10 hours before the flight since our flight was supposed to be 2PM but it was moved around 4PM. We went to the airport earlier than we expected. My mom is a worry-wart, for her the earlier the better. Anyways, what I love about Changi airport is that they have all the entertainment a traveler needs. They have PS3 and XBOX kiosks, Kinect and WII, free foot massage, nap areas, sunflower garden, movie theater, PC games and free use of internet at some designated stationed computers and take note, it's all for FREE! Yes, you can enjoy all these while waiting for your boarding announcement or boarding time. Who says staying in airport is boring? You're wrong mi amigos because in Changi aiport, fun and entertainment never stops!  Here's to the last days in Changi airport, Singapore!

With my friend, Sheena! Thanks Sheen sheen for the tour and for adopting us for 1 day

Orchid garden

PS3 kiosks! 

real and fresh Sunflowers! 

PS: How I wish Philippine airports are as cool and entertaining as these! 


Clara Turbay said...

The Best at the best blog, so I love this site.

Clara Turbay said...

The Best at the best blog, so I love this site.

JonDmur said...

Wow! Atleast na enjoy mo ang Singapore ^_^

Lima Ché said...

Cute outfit darling!
Nice blog!


Krystal Pearl Braga said...

Thank you so much Clara Turbay! =) That is so sweet of you.. =)

Krystal Pearl Braga said...

Thanks a lot JonDmur! The best ka talaga! =)

Krystal Pearl Braga said...

Thank you Lima Che! =) Followed your blog already my dear.


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