It's more fun in Sagada!

Went to Sagada last October 16-20 with mom. It was just a last minute decision to go there since we didn't know where to go next. I heard positive reviews about Sagada like how nice the place were, the weather and all, that's why when my mom asked me what's in our itinerary the first place that pops up was Sagada. So here, SAGADA be my guest. We only stayed there for a day since we opted to just see the place and try at least one tourist spot. I'm not really an adrenaline junkie but Cave exploring never fails to excite me. It makes me wonder what's in there underneath. I was having a hard time convincing my mom but in the latter part she then agreed! Yey!!

All of the tourists need to drop by at their Tourist information since they want to preserve everything (hanging coffins, caves, etc.) and they want to make sure of the safety of the visitors. The prices were not that bad after all. For those who are planning to go there, I suggest for cave exploring you should try the long one (Php800) instead of the short one (Php 450), not each but for 1-4 people but it's much cheaper if you guys are in a group (more than 5) small difference for the price and you have to rent for the van (Php450) if you decide to take the long one but for short it only costs (Php 250) I guess. I totally forgot. But if you have a car with you then it's okay not to rent a van since the tourist guide will tell you directions on how to go there. It's a must that you need to hire a tourist guide for safety especially for cave exploring. I'll update you with the prices as soon as I'll be able to find the map that I got. Well, all I can say is that we indeed survived Sagada!

On our way to Manila

 (top) The view of the hanging coffins

 Excited for the cave exploring! 

Look how big the cave is

We're sitting on top of the frog-like formation

Oops! I know what you're thinking! They call this the big momma

Look how challenging these rocks are

Short breaks

What do you think is this? =P Hmmm

 They call this the chocolate cake! 

King's curtains

Rice terraces formation

Finally! I can say that I survived Sagada! 

Went to Bontoc before heading back to Baguio

 Banaue Rice Terraces

Waiting for boarding time

On our way back to Cebu! 

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